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Episode 7: Setting Goals and Chunking

In this episode I talk about the benefits of setting realistic goals and organizing your TO-DO list in to easy to manage chunks.  I also talk about some Mind Mapping software that will help you organize your thoughts so you have an easy to follow game plan to earn money online.

You Need to Set Goals to Earn Money Online

As an entrepreneur you know it is sometimes difficult to stay on focused and it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to be completed.  Bright and shiny objects come along all the time taking our focus away from the tasks at hand and causing distractions.

By staying focused, creating simple to follow to-do lists and creating a mindmap of your project, you will get your tasks completed on time.  Just remember to focus on one project at a time as this will increase the odds of you actually finish a project instead of being left with a bunch of unfinished projects.

Since I have been making money online for a while now, I tend to focus my main goals in monetary terms, like make $10 a day by July 10th, $10,000 a month on my membership site, etc..

But when you are getting started, you should focus on the tasks on hand.


Chunk, Chunk, keep Chunking away and you will complete your projects

  • You can set monetary goals, but lets start with even simpler goals.
  • Research Niches of interest
  • Make List of 10 Niches
  • Check for available domain names
  • Narrow Down List
  • Decide on 1 Niche and 1 Domain Name
  • Get Hosting and Buy Domain Name (Blue Host)
  • Install WordPress Blog
  • Etc…

The idea here is to break down the entire task so you are not sitting around wondering if you are doing things in the right order.  Eventually you will be able to break down your large tasks or goals in to smaller chunks that won’t need to be broken down further.  By that point you will know how to do the keyword research, and of course you will never buy a domain name without doing it first.

If you are going to need to outsource tasks, put that down on your list and find people to complete that portion of the project before you get there.  Also… If you have a few extra bucks, pay people to do the little tasks that you don’t have any idea on how to complete.

Recently I needed a shopping cart installed on one of my websites.  I also needed 10 products in the store and for payments to be accepted through Paypal-Pro, paypals merchant account…

I hired someone on Odesk to do it.  Saved me a TON of time and was only $100.00.  I actually wasted about 2 months just putting it on the back burner, then I finally decided not to do it myself and the task got completed in about 4 days.  There are a lot of tasks like this.  If you don’t know how to do it, pay someone that does to do it for you if you really have no idea.

Do not set arbitrary deadlines like:

1. build website by 06/01

2. produce video and share on YouTube by Monday

This just don’t work.  Believe me!  Each task you complete, you will feel great and you will be on your way to earning money online!

Mind Mapping

Another great tip that might help you is some excellent software called MindMeister. It is really simple to use and you can also find pre-made maps that will help you to publish a book, do keyword research online or create passive streams of income.  I really don’t mess around looking at everyone elses mind-maps out there, but I do use the software myself to map out my projects.

One of the best things is that my to-do lists tend to get forgotten or just too large.  The Mind Maps that you create in MindMeister look very nice and you can print them out, tack them to the wall and just start going down the list.  You can also open up the map at any time to add and remove steps.  You can easily create a project flowchart and assign parts to other people if you have others working on your project.

I hope that gives you some good ideas on getting organized, setting goals, chunking your to-do list down and possibly even using mind-mapping software like MindMeister.

Working on the next episode right now, so I have to run!

Bryan Knowlton

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