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First Video Tutorial Posted & How to Earn Money Online Fast

I have been getting lots of great feedback on my Keyword Research Video Tutorial and I have many more step-by-step video tutorials on the way on how to earn money online.

A lot of the feedback I am getting on the videos are coming from ROKU viewers watching the show on their TV at home.  So I wanted to remind you that you can watch all my shows on ROKU, on YouTube, iTunes and new channels for Samsung Interactive TV as well as for the iPhone and Droid are coming soon.

I will be using the email notification system when I put new shows online and you can decide where you want to watch them at that time.

I am really trying to focus on Pat Flynns ‘Be Everywhere’ philosophy that I learned over at  Smart Passive Income. Pat has a lot of good information on his website on creating passive income streams and if you missed it, make sure to watch my Interview with Pat Flynn.

You know by now that I don’t teach any ‘get rich quick’ methods, but you never know, you might get lucky and hit a gold mine.  What I focus on is putting in the hard work now to create wealth in the future.

So many people have been asking me way for ways they can make some quick money online so I though I would list some of those that have helped my viewers in the past.  I have also used some of these techniques in the past to earn some extra money online.  So if you are looking to earn an extra buck or turn them in to a full time job, just remember these are not passive income techniques, but more of a job replacement strategy.

Make Money Online Fast

  1. Selling on Ebay – This is easy to get started and you can do really well by selling collections, collectibles, games, toys, electronics, tools, old hobbies. Try listing items for people and local businesses to make a little extra money on the side or you can hunt down bargains at swap meets, garage sales and discount stores like big lots and sell that stuff online.
  2. Provide a service and make some extra cash onine at  You can do almost anything here from selling photos, making silly songs or providing services like photo editing, video editing or any other small service you are willing to sell for $5.00.  Some people make a full time living off this webiste, just check out the popular gigs and see if you can do it yourself.
  3. If you have specific skills or an expertise people are willing to pay for, check out the outsourcing service portals on Odesk or Elance. You can get paid hourly or on a per gig basis and charge whatever you feel you are worth.  The more experience you have with the website and by getting positive feedback, you will be able to gradually raise your fees and increase your income.  Take some time and look around these websites to find out what is in high demand.
  4. Article Marketing isn’t dead and you can make money writing great articles that provide value to your customer base.  You will want to do very good keyword research before writing an article you are looking to get an affiliate commission on.  You might also consider rewriting other peoples articles on a per job basis that you can find on websites like odesk or elance.  You will probably end up making more money in the long run and can easily turn this in to an employed position.

In regards to selling your expertise and services online, don’t forget the local market.  I make a good amount of money helping local businesses get rankings in the search engines by providing website building services, website hosting, google+, facebook, linkedin and YouTube creation and optimization services.

I tend to focus only on helping Real Estate Appraisers, but you can focus on service industries that you are knowledgeable about and help them to get higher rankings in their area.  So instead of selling your services only online, you can seek out businesses in your area and become a local search consultant.

Just a few ideas to help you get started earning money online!

Until next time, Just GET STARTED!  🙂

Bryan Knowlton

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