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Pat Flynn : Niche Site Duel

Pat Flynn, Blogger and Podcaster over at Smart Passive income recently decided to do an investigation to determine why there was a sudden drop in his traffic and what would be needed to solve the issue.

It reminded me of the importance of checking your statistics frequently and at the same time not obsessing over them.  When you are building your first website, you are going to want to keep track of your traffic and make changes that will increase your traffic and fix errors that resulted in your website getting less traffic.

What I like to do is to keep a log of the changes I make to a website from the day that I post it live.  You should have a spreadsheet where you can list the changes you have made, when you have made your submissions to the search engines and anything else you think will affect traffic and income.

When launching a new website, you really need to keep a close eye on all the changes that you make.  But it is very important to check the statistics every few weeks to determine if there are some immediate fixes needed or potential problems.

With all the changes the search engines are making to their search algorythms, it is good to keep a close eye on stats, some things you should set up from the beginning are:

1. rank tracking for your primary keywords – apps are available for this.  You can also use Market Samurai.

2. website monitoring to let you know if your website is hacked or goes down – Internet Seer will monitor one for you

3. monitor your traffic frequently with google analytics

You can also set up flags to let you know when there are bursts of traffic or an immediate slow down in traffic.  There is a lot you can do to monitor your sales, you can even text yourself with every sale you make by creating filters in google that will forward to your cell phone so you can put a ‘cha-ching’ ring tone to the SMS.  That always makes it fun to know you are making sales throughout the day!

Pat really dives in to the analysis of his website and explains the changes and reasons for why there was a decrease of income.  I would suggest checking this post to get ideas for when this happens to you in the future.  From time to time changes are needed.  I saw my income drop 75% over a 3 month period back in 2001.  Unfortunately there wasn’t much I could do to save it, but I sure did learn a lot of lesson throughout the ordeal.  Traffic is always going to go up and down and sales along with it.  It is a good idea to learn what you can do to investigate and what is needed to fix these types of problems.

Pat also gives some great insight on increasing earnings that you can apply to any niche website :

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