Google Affiliate Network Closes

Google Affiliate Network Closing 10/31/2013


I received an email from Google a couple minutes ago stating that their Google Affiliate Network (GAN) is retiring.

Services will be stopped 07/31/2013 and fully terminated by 10/31/2013.

Of course Adsense will still be available to affiliate marketers looking to make money online with Google, but their advertising network is being closed down.


I don’t know how Google, who really took ad revenue to a new level with their PPC advertising and PPC affiliate program messed up so bad. If anyone could run a powerhouse affiliate network, you would think Google would be able to pull it off.

It will be interesting to hear more news on why this happened, but I have a feeling that their system was either too difficult to use, that they did not like dealing with vendors and possibly even working with affiliates themselves and making sure all aspects of the TOS were taking place when making money with Google online.

Now I have to hunt down my links and remove them… Luckily I did not get too heavy in to the Google Affiliate Network.

Bryan Knowlton

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