Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income

Episode 2: Pat Flynn Interview from SPI

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Probably one of the most popular affiliate marketers out there is Pat Flynn. I have always wanted to interview him from the time that I heard about him and I was finally able to take some time out of his busy schedule for a sit down interview. He is not only a great affiliate marketer, teacher and podcaster, but he is also an awesome family man and all around great guy!

He has only been in affiliate marketing and making money online for about 5 years now, but in that short amount of time he has become one of the most popular affiliate marketers out there teaching others by example on how to earn money online, create passive income and lifestyle design using his Podcast and website titled Smart Passive Income. You won’t want to miss his blog posts and podcasts, so make sure to check him out.

Pat Flynn - Smart Passive Inome

For more information on the entire interview and video, please visit: Episode 2: Pat Flynn Interview about Smart Passive Income

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