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Niche Site Duel 2.0 update – Started Programming

Ok, I thought I would get ahead and work on one of my first Niche Site Duel 2.0 websites that I am going to use as a follow along for Pat Flynns’ upcoming Niche Site Duel 2.0 challenge.

I will come out and tell you what the first website is about now.  It is a RV site.  Mainly a sales and information website about Recreational Vehicles (RV) and trailers for the local San Diego Market.

A few months back I met with the marketing manager and gave him a proposal to increase the website traffic by optimizing his website.  At that time he wasn’t interested in hiring me as a consultant but wanted to see what I could do.

So I have laid out an action plan to show him what I can do to monetize leads to him or possibly become his internet marketing expert in the future.

This is what I will be doing

  • Create a new website focusing on the San Diego Region
  • Access his database information from his website and rewrite then post it to my website
  • Optimize all the information and images to focus on getting traffic and search engine rankings within the San Diego Market
  • Get on to the first page of search engine results for all terms related to RVs in San Diego
  • Go back in and meet with the manager to become his consultant or get paid for each referral

So I originally made a post on Odesk to find a programmer with the skills necessary to complete the initial database scape and populate my database.   Although there were a number of good programmers, I found that I could pay roughly the same amount to pay a local programmer that I have worked with in the past to get this task completed locally.

Working with a local programmer will allow me to provide quicker feedback on changes that will need to be made.  This way the whole process will run much smoother and the output will be more of what I would like.

I ran across 1 problem along the way.  With my dedicated hosting account I had to get my PHP updated.  No big problem.  If you run in to this, just contact your hosting provider and let them know.  I have never had this problem before as the servers are usually updated automatically, but I decided to place the server on my dedicated server to allow for more control of scripts and I guess I haven’t kept everything updated as well as I should.

So I purchased my domain name, added it to my server via Cpanel and set up a database to add all the scraped inventory information.  Wohoo!  On my way!

I am going to whip together a quick copy of the existing websites functions in a fast loading and streamlined design so it will load fast and allow the customer to easily find what they are looking for.  The first run will look really plain until I redo all the graphics and rewrite the text.  But by making a copy of the existing website it will be easier than starting 100% from scratch.

I will update everyone with the Niche Site Duel Forum on the next post as it should be ready to go by then.

Bryan Knowlton

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