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Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on everything that happened during Affiliate Summit 2013 West in Las Vegas.

During the convention I was able to take part in some great training on Consulting and a 4 hour mastermind meetup that I purchased through AFFPlaybook.  It was a really amazing mastermind.   Unfortunately I was unable to record the event because it was pre-sold at AFFPlaybook, but I took plenty of notes and will be making a video about it shortly.

I have also set up an interview with David who moderated the Mastermind and I am in the process of setting up an interview who provided training for consulting and how to find the best clients.  A lot of really great information.  Looking forward to the interviews and I will keep you posted on when they will be available.

I also attended a lot of the training sessions that I was planning on attending and mentioned in the prior video.  Again, you can’t record in the sessions and I was unable to wrangle down any of the speakers for an interview, but they all agreed to do skype interviews in the near future.  If I can’t get them posted soon, I might do a video recap from my notes.

Of course what would the Affiliate Summit be without open bar parties, live bands, headliners and pretty girls?   The summit didn’t lack in any of those areas and I attended more parties than ever before.  WHEW!  That was a killer, but I only ended up losing a few hundred in roulette and blackjack, so I would call the trip a definite win!

When you go to Las Vegas, it is also a great time to fire off some fully automatic weapons.  You can’t do that everywhere, so I got my 100 rounds in and totally annihilated the bad guys! YAY!

I will be making a new video post soon about some funny commercials I have been working on.  So until next time, just do it!

Bryan Knowtlon


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