Episode 2b - Make Money Online

Episode 3: Two Easy Methods to Make Money Online

In this episode I show you two simple techniques I have used to make money online.

I have used this methods in the past, but they are still valid today.  They are not exactly passive income methods, although reviewing Amazon products can continue to become a passive income stream if you are getting enough traffic from your pages.  Remember, you get affiliate sales from amazon no matter what products they purchase during their visit, as long as they follow your link first to get there.

On to episode 3 and I am really excited!  If you don’t have any experience making money online, then this is a great way to start.  One of the methods doesn’t even require you buying a website and setting up a blog!  Either way, you can follow these simple techniques to start making money online now.

Two Simple Techniques to earn money online

These are some easy to follow techniques that will help you to make enough extra money to possibly get some web hosting or buy some excellent keyword research sofware like Market Samurai .  I really like Market Samurai because it helps set you above your competition by helping you find the right keywords and domain name to target. 

Selling Stuff on eBay and writing Product Reviews

You might not believe it, but there is still a lot of people making a living off of ebay just by selling one product.  Of course until you find that one product, you might have to try a number of products to sell or you can just clear out all the old stuff you no longer use to make a little extra spending money.  This is not passive in any way and requires a lot of time.  But if you have the time and things to sell, you should definitely give it a try.  On the other hand if you want to jump right in to affiliate marketing, writing reviews of Amazon products has always been really popular and it is even easier to learn how to do it these days with training materials and membership sites at your disposal. 

Writing product reviews for Amazon was very popular at one point with people looking to learn affiliate marketing.  I was doing fairly well with both writing reviews and selling products on Ebay, but at one point I decided it was just too much work compared to my current income streams. My current money makers are targeted towards the Appraisal Industry and I will explain all that I am doing in my upcoming shows.

Amazonian Profit Plan

A while back I was listening to a podcast called Coffee Talk with James Martel, and he was interviewing Paula and Wanda about writing reviews for Amazon products. They went in to detail on how they start with doing research on a niche, picking products and write reviews in groups of five.

You want to focus all your time and energy on only those five and they have incredible results.  Of course this is not all they do and they wrote a book on how to make money with Amazon. Of course I instantly purchased the book: The Amazonian Profit Plan. It’s filled with tons of great information that you can really learn a lot from. One tip that they gave in their interview is that they stick to products that sell between $300 to $500 to maximize your return.

Amazon is not the only network out there selling products, but Amazon is probably the most reputable and well known network on the internet.  They also offer almost everything you can think of, so it is easy to find products and accessories to increase your sales.  They are a very trusted merchant that people tend to do a lot of shopping on Amazon.  I know I do!

Another great thing is that you can send someone to buy a camera lens, and if they decide to get a bag, a tripod, maybe even a completely different camera AND do all their Christmas shopping, you get a commission on the whole purchase!  That can add up to a pretty big commission.

I like the idea of reviewing every day products from razors to soap.  Even though this goes against the amazonian profit plan idea, a lot more people are doing all their shopping online because with Amazon Prime you don’t pay shipping and get everything within a couple days.  This is only going to get more popular.

If you really want to get started, go get a domain name at hosting at a good company like Blue Host, install a WordPress blog and start building your review site.  You are never going to learn all the steps just by reading, sometimes you just have to dive in!  Take ACTION!  You can get the book on writing amazon product reviews at AmazonianProfitReview.com.

Sell Some Stuff on Ebay

So you want to make some money today?  Ebay is a great way to do it.  It might actually take 3-7 days based on your auction lenght, but it is a great way to get started making money online. You will never forget the first dollar you make online, and it will get you thirsty for more!

As I said before, the work involved was a little too much for me to handle with my various other income streams that I really stopped selling stuff on Ebay as a residual income.  I really use it to fund my Hobby fund, I sell some of my old crap that is laying around so I can buy some new crap!  If I want the latest iPad or maybe a new laptop, I will sell a bunch of my old stuff to fund the new purchases!

Most people have a lot of extra stuff laying around – stuff they have not used for years.  I am sure you have a bunch of extra things that are of value to others that you really don’t need anymore.  Go through your stuff and make a big pile, maybe even fill an entire room and start taking photos, write down information and start searching for those products in google and ebay.  You will be surprised by how much some of your extra crap is worth!  Especially when you add it all up.  Not only will you be making some extra cash that you didn’t have, but you will be cleaning out your house at the same time.

If you are looking to make some good money on eBay, you might try looking through your OLD stuff: electronics, old games, baseball cards and old things you have collected in the past. Collectibles are always good because people are always looking to buy that stuff on ebay.  The older the better.

Anyone Can Earn Money Selling on Ebay

Mark Ostrovsky, author of the affiliate marketing bible, Get Rich Click,  mentioned that anyone can make good money on ebay by focusing on finding products from local businesses that other people throughout the country or world would want to purchase.   These can be unique items that are only available in your area.  Take a picture of the item and post an auction to see how well it sells, then go out and buy it when you have sold a product.

If you end up selling a lot of an item at that point you can work out bulk deals or special deals from the supplier to increase your profits.

Some places where you can find good products to sell on eBay

  • Local businesses selling unique local products
  • Thrift Stores
  • Big Lots
  • Garage Sales
  • Swap Meets
  • Your Garage!

I recently found a book online that focusus on becoming an eBay PowerSeller and how to make the big bucks with eBay.

EBay Fortune

When I got started selling on eBay, nobody was selling inormation like this.   Tom Barnes, an eBay PowerSeller for a long time now has published an ebook on how to sell and make money using eBay.  He gives his tips and tricks to getting a lot of views, when the best time to post an auction, the duration and many unique tips to having a better auction.

  • Tips for selling on eBay
  • Get your 10 positive feedback points asap
  • Become a Trusted Seller
  • Check the ‘Wanted Now’ section
  • Use eBay stores for upsells

He gives negotiating tips, tips to take better photos along with many others.  Some additional highlights from the book:

  • Do not set list prices blindly
  • Different ways to list your product
  • Different listing options and upsells
  • Tips on what to do and what to avoid when posting an auction
  • Auction-type format versus fixed-type format
  • Where to find listing specials

I have been selling stuff through ebay forever and never came across the types of tips and techniques that Tom Barnes offers in his book.  I suggest if you are even considering selling on eBay that you get his book.  You can find it at powerauctionsellers.com.

You are going to hear it from me time and time again, the fastest way to start earning money online is by starting today – like RIGHT NOW.  Check out these eBooks if either topic interests you, you might even get rid of some stuff that you have felt guilty about throwing away or learn how to create a blog by doing reviews on Amazon products.

Until next time – just do it!

~ Bryan Knowlton

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