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Episode 11: Interview with David Ford of AFF Playbook

I have been a member of a really great Affiliate Forum for almost a year now and was recently able to attend a private Mastermind meet-up during Affiliate Summit West 2013 hosted by David Ford, the owner and operator of AFF Playbook.

During the 4 hour Mastermind, David gave the members a lot of really great ideas when it comes to making money online and shared some of his current techniques he uses to generate revenue online.  The mastermind had a number of different speakers that gave some really valuable information and I thought it would be great to interview him for How To Earn Money

TV.  We weren’t able to conduct the interview while we were in Vegas so we did it over skype about a week after the convention.

If you would like to learn more about AFF Playbook, I urge you to visit the website to find out more after watching this interview.  There are so many supportive members that offer help, encouragement and support when you are stuck during your quest to earn money online.

Not only for experts, the AFF Playbook has a forum just for Newbies, but there is also plenty of follow along forums where you can follow along as someone is working on a campaign.  They really share everything in these follow along posts and you are sure to benefit from all the member posts.

Aff Playbook has a ton of case studies and success stories that you will also be able to learn from. Some of the sections cover PPC, Facebook , SEO, Media Buying, Mailing, Business, Productivity, Mobile, and even Product Creation.

There are also plenty of recorded webinars, lessons and tips and complete case studies that show you all the details from actual campaigns. Members also share their failed campaigns to get community feedback on how to improve the campaign and get success.

AFF Playbook

I hope you enjoy the video, and make sure to check out AFF Playbook, one of the most helpful forums on the internet!

Bryan Knowlton

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