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Keyword Research : Part 1 : Search Volume and Match Types

Keyword research is not only a science but equally an art. Did I say that right? Well you get the idea. Not only do you have to define specific criteria, but you have to be willing to make adjustments and identify the gold keywords within all the trash ones.

Keyword Research and Match Types

Originally when I got started doing keyword research I followed most of the tried and true recommendations made by others using Market Samurai to identify the best keywords possible. If you want to watch a video tutorial on Market Samurai, you can watch it here:

Episode 4: Keyword Research Tutorial

I will also be making a keyword research tutorial shortly for Long Tail Pro. They are both great software packages with free trials. Both require a ‘premium’ or monthly payment option to get the back-linking and competition data that is really important. But you can use it without that information just to get started.

This is the search criteria that I use when searching for profitable keywords and niches.

1.) Search Volume [Exact Match]: Minimum of 3,000 Local Searches Per Month (or 100 per day Minimum)

The search volume is a keyword is given in a monthly figure based on the amount of searches for that keyword or phrase. You can use that figure as an estimate of potential traffic you would receive if you had the #1 position in Google for that keyword. Of course you won’t get all that traffic in the #1 position, but by estimating the traffic that you get from Google as well as other websites and directories, it is a good indicator.  Keep in mind, this is my MINIMUM number based on keyword competition, etc…

You can do research using 3 types of searches, but you should be using EXACT MATCH when developing niche websites. 

The 3 different types are:

broad match – skewed results – Contains all the words, may be in any order, and may include other words

phrase match – better results – Contains all the words, in order, and may include other words before or after the phrase

exact match – best results – Contains only these words in this order

Make sure you do your keyword research using exact match. All other search figures will be incredibly skewed.
Tomorrow I will continue with SEO Competition and make a cheat sheet at the end!

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