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Episode 5: Gideon Shalwick and Rapid Video Blogging

I was finally able to wrangle Gideon Shalwick down and talk to him about his Rapid Video Blogging system and the free 92 page report he is giving away for free.  He has inspired me for years and one of the main reasons I decided to get in to video blogging instead of the more tradition text only blogging format.

Originally I wanted to do a video interview with him, but since he is practically on the other side of the world, Australia, we decided not to put up with pausing video and go for an audio interview instead.  To make things a little more exciting, I decided to use some talking Avatars to spice the video up.  They look kinda creepy, but I was cracking up when I got it finished that I had to share it with you.  Please let me know what you think by leaving comments below!


Gideon started his quest with earning money online 5 years ago and has enjoyed a very successful career while also becoming one of the most influential bloggers and is also a well known video marketing expert.  Prior to his success, multiple online courses and hundreds of online videos, he was working the 9-5 and making other people money.  One day he decided he needed some big changes in his life and moved to Austalia from New Zealand with his wife to start a new life an business.  He wasn’t sure where to start, but eventually landed on something he was interested in, but did not know a whole bunch about : video creation and blogging.He has compiled 5 years of his experiences in a FREE (and huge) ebook called : Rapid Video Blogging System

He offers  7 steps for dominating your niche using the Rapid Video Blogging Method.

Step 1 – Identify the niche you would like to dominate
Step 2 – Produce high quality videos easily and FAST!
Step 3 – Create a video domination hub
Step 4 – Create powerful, response invoking content
Step 5 – Optimize your video domination hub for maximum results
Step 6 – Use some viral video magic for maximum exposure
Step 7 – Monetize $$$ your asset

He expands on each of these steps in the interview and explains a case study where he helped a magician friend of his to dominate the market with the keyword “free magic tricks” and bring in a ton of traffic and sales.  That was years ago and the website and videos still rank in the top 5 in google.  Video is dominating the search engines these days and will definitely give you the competitive edge with any online property.  It also helps with local and social search results!

One of the last sections you do not want to miss from the book is the 3 methods to make money with your video domination hub.  I really didn’t want to take all of the information out of the book on these, so I will just give you the titles of the Methods, you will have to find out the details on each inside of the free report.

  • Fast Cash Injection Method
  • The Competition Crushing Method
  • The Passive Income Method

One of the best things about the report is that you can find a 2 page checklist that will help you get your videos and video hub created so you can start bringing in the traffic.  Since this was my first interview over skype, I was very happy with the interview and very grateful that Gideon agreed to do an interview with an unknown video blogger!

You can find out more about Gideon at and if you want to get straight to the 92 page Rapid Video Blogging ebook, then make sure to check it out at

I really suggest you get the free download and check it out for yourself!

~ Bryan Knowlton

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