Daily Blogcast for Internet Marketing

Yet another new project! Daily Blogcast for Internet Marketing

Oh yes. I lack the focus I need to become the most successful internet marketer in the world.

But I have a ton of fun!!! Isn’t that enough?!

My long time friend and I have decided to start a daily blogcast delivering audio commentary to some of the top blogs that are related to internet marketing. Life is too short to be reading blog posts, dontcha know?!

Daily Blogcast for Internet Marketing
Daily Blogcast for Internet Marketing

We are hoping the show will quickly skyrocket in to the iTunes top podcast list and allow us to create even more shows in the near future.

The audio equipment really sounds awesome and we even built a small 10×10 podcasting studio inside of our office. The place sounds really great and can double as a kill room if things ever get sketchy and we have to get rid of some competition.

I will be posting more announcements as we get closer to launching the podcast. Hopefully later this week. In the meantime if you would like to help out, you can subscribe to the newsletter and get some free goodies by visiting http://dailyblogcast.net.

Thanks again!


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