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Episode 14: Affiliate Marketing and the 1&1 Web Hosting Slap

In this episode I provide a little more information on my latest and greatest income stream.  It is not completely passive, but it sure brings in the money!

About 8 months ago, a fellow appraiser and I built a private marketing forum for real estate appraisers.  By sticking to a niche that we both know a lot about, we are able to help other appraisers learn how to market their appraisal businesses.

Sticking to a niche that you are an expert will give you the ability to create a lot of high value content that your potential customers are sure to love.  Also by sticking to a very targeted and small niche, it is fairly easy to identify potential users and target them with your marketing.

I also talk about how I use my experiences with website hosting to make some extra money online.  If you are looking for wordpress hosting you have probably come across a number of providers for hosting.  A while back I tried 1&1 Hosting and the service really sucked.  A few years went by and then I decided to try them again and got the same incredibly poor service.  The servers were so incredibly slow that I decided to make a few short video clips bashing 1&1 hosting because they sucked so bad.

The whole idea behind these videos are to potentially rank for various keywords related to 1&1 web hosting and inform people that THEY SUCK and they should use a server provider like Blue Host which I mention in the video.

By providing an honest review of 1&1 Hosting and then providing a good alternative, the video has made a fair amount of sales.  Of course there is a lot to getting videos to rank for very high competition keywords, but I will cover more on YouTube marketing in the future.

So I hope you enjoy my 1&1 hosting server slap!  If you have any questions, please post them below under comments.


Bryan Knowlton


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