CTRtard - Interview

Episode 23: Interview with CTRtard on Advanced Affiliate Marketing

In this interview I interview Mark, also known as CTRtard, about the tools that he creates to help affiliate marketers conduct better research and make more money online.

He discusses the current projects and software he is working on and gives us an introduction to split testing and media buys.

CTRtard - Interview

Mark is the Head ToolMaster over at AFFplaybook.  If you would like to find out more information about AFFPlaybook, watch this interview with the owner David Ford: Episode 11: Interview with David Ford of AFF Playbook

He creates some really awesome software for split testing, landing page creation, landing page cloning (for good purposes) and more.  All the tools will eventually be available at AffRobot.com.

You can get more information on all his products, software and to even hire him for your custom coding needs at http://ctrtard.com.

I also present a really broad offer on getting started with affiliate marketing and the importance of testing and tracking.

Some of his additional websites:






I have used Marks services numeous times throughout the year and he is my go to programmer when I have something that is VERY important and has to get done correctly the first time.  I really like his page on his services vs. odesk.  I use odesk all the time, but when I do need that job done right, I always contact Mark first.  You can contact him here: Mark – CTRtard

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