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Episode 20: Jeremy Frandsen interview from Internet Business Mastery – The Academy [AUDIO ONLY]

In this episode I interview Jeremy Frandsen of the Internet Buseness Mastery on how The Academy can help you create an internet based business and Earn Money Online! I am also a member of the academy and just love it.

jeremy-frandsen I have been a member of The Academy for a while now and have always wanted to interview Jeremy and Jason. They have been full time internet marketers for over 10 years now and Podcasting for the past 8. They recently published the 200th episode of the Internet Business Mastery Podcast, one of the most popular podcast shows that teach others how to create an internet based business.

The Academy is almost like a Mastermind with a private membership website and forum with training modules, forum and also a private Facebook group. I was going to have Jeremy take us on a little tour of The Academy, but during the per-interview I found out that a completely redesigned website was about to be released. So I will be having either Jeremy or Jason back on the show soon to show us the inside.

If you would like to find out more about The Academy, you can follow my affiliate link by clicking here.

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