Niche Site Duel 2.0

One of My Websites for the Niche Site Duel

I am so looking forward to the Niche Site Duel that I recently created a forum for people looking to follow along at where people can post their questions and help each other in their quest to earn money online.

Working with a VA I was able to get the main websites set up, now I need to do additional keyword research in Long Tail Pro to find the keyword phrases that I will focus on within the content.  Initially I will be working on rewriting all the content on the website and later move on to blog posts on the featured products and services I will be offering within my niche.

Status update for 06/06/2013

After doing quite a bit of research for all types of RVs, Motorhomes and Trailers, I found that in general the term RV is getting the most traffic.   When searching for around 20 related keywords to Motorhomes, I found that San Diego RV was the most searched phrase in San Diego with the lowest competition.

Although the search term only shows 260 exact match searches, far below the search criteria that I would normally select for a Niche, I will be targeting hundreds of secondary keyword phrases based on models and makes.  The main draw of this niche is that there are a number of RV dealerships that I have found in San Diego that are willing to work on a referral basis.  I will be tracking all calls that I send them and they will pay me for each referral.  I haven’t ironed out the payment details with the company I have decided to target, but in addition to the referrals, I will eventually ad adwords and related products and services for additional revenue.

Why I selected this Niche

One of the main reasons I decided to target this niche is that I have always had a fascination for motorhomes.  From the huge Class A Diesels down to the tiny teardrop trailers you can pull behind cars.  I have considered buying a large Class A motorhome in the past to travel around the country while I worked on my internet businesses.  I have since decided a nice home port is the way to go and will most likely buy an RV in the future.  All the proceeds from this website will be going in to a savings account to fund the purchase, so the better it does, the faster I will get one!  Now that really gives me a good goal to work towards.

After frequently a number of RV dealerships in San Diego County, I was able to determine that one of the dealers had a very large advertising budget but lacked a good web presence.  I initially turned to them to hire me as a consultant, but the marketing manager did not understand the value of having the top ranking website for their primary terms, so we decided on a referral partnership.  I imagine with their high advertising budget, that they should have a fairly high referral fee.  If they don’t, I am sure the competition will.

The great part about my new system is that I can easily get the inventory from any RV website, or possibly all of them and send referrals to all of them.  But for now I am going to focus on the primary company I am looking to do business with.  If it works out well I am sure I will be able to get a consulting gig with them and lease them the website.

Completed Tasks:

1. primary keyword research for domain name

2. purchased related domain name (I don’t like to use dashes, but figured it would work for this project)

3. paid a VA to build a script to import the current inventory weekly and prompt when new items are added

4. paid a VA to design the basic shell of the website which will be updated in the future with graphics

Upcoming Tasks:

1. identify additional keywords to target throughout the content for each RV or trailers description

2. rewrite the inventory content and description to be optimized for the search engines and ease of reading

3. add tracking phone number throughout the website

That is all for this week, make sure to visit the forum for more information and screen captures at

I hope everyone has started with some Niche Research so you can be ready when the Niche Site Duel 2 begins!

Bryan Knowlton

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2 thoughts on “One of My Websites for the Niche Site Duel

  1. I find it interesting that you decided on a keyword like RV.

    It’s interesting because it isn’t a typical niche keyword. I wonder how it is going to work out.

    I think the hardest part might be the tracking part.

    I included you in a round up post of people participating in the duel. Just thought I would let you know.

    1. Thanks Lain,
      I appreciate it. I will keep everyone posted on how it turns out. My main keywords include RV, Trailer, Motor Home, Motorhome… Will be working on it a lot more this week.


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