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Free WordPress Scheduled Back-Up System and Why You Should Do It!

Don’t get caught with your pants down!

By now you have probably either heard about or found out the hard way about the Massive and World Wide attacks on wordpress blogs this past April.  A large botnet with over 90,000 servers participated in the attack, cycling through thousands of usernames and passwords and gaining access to thousands of blogs worldwide.  You might not even know if someone has gained access to your blog yet as most of the attacks were not caught or traced.

Many of the attacks were found when more than 100,000 attempts were being made to the blogs during these brute force attacks.  In some cases the attacks completely crashed servers or making the websites run extremely slow during the attack.

#1 Keep Plug-Ins and Plug-Ins Updated at All Times

I have had a number of my WordPress blogs hacked in the past, most of them were due to plug-ins that were not properly updated and had security leaks.  It is always very important to keep plug-ins and your WordPress updated at all times.  This is the #1 security leak by not having updated versions of the software or plug-ins.

#2 Create Very Secure Passwords

Almost everyone uses Admin for one of their usernames in WordPress, make sure to either change both the username and passwords as well as use a VERY secure password.  1 capital letter, some lower case letters, a few numbers and a ‘special symbol’ like ~!@#$%^&*().

#3 Schedule Weekly Back-Ups of Your WordPress Blogs (FREE)

You should always have a good back-up of your WordPress Database at all times, it will make it quite a bit easier to get your website restored if you are hacked.  I also like to back-up the whole website via FTP from time to time.  I use WordPress Database BackupIt is free and very simple to use and will email the database information to you.  I would not save it to the server as this could be deleted if your server is wiped clean or you have a hard drive crash with no back-up

#4 Use a Premium Back-Up Plug-In For Added Security

If you want to be 100% protected, I would suggest getting a plug-in like BackupBuddy.  I heard about this from Corbett Barr over at Think Traffic.  I am not sure how long his coupon code will last, but you can get 33% off when using the code ‘CORBETT33’.  You can find out more about BackupBudd here.

It is very simple to set up and you get up to 1GB free storage to store your data.  You can also schedule regular backups.  They recommend daily database-only backups and weekly FULL backups.  Again, you can store this with the free storage that is provide, send the data to another server like Amazon, Dropbox, and some other places.

Restoring your website with BackupBuddy is super easy.  You simly upload the backup file along with a import file to your your server.  You will then verify some basic information and the restoration will begin.

If you do not have a secure password, fix that RIGHT NOW, then sign up for a back-up service or do it yourself manually.  You will be very happy you have a back up if your website gets hacked.  In my cases, the password was not the problem, it was an insecure plug-in.  So you can never be 100% protected.  But by having a good back up, you will be ready for anything that comes your way.

Happy Blogging!

Bryan Knowtlon

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