I was interviewed on ‘Doubt the Doubts’ Podcast – check it out!

Paul Blais from the Doubt The Doubts podcast interviewed me the other day and the podcast is now available on iTunes. He has a really great podcast about squashing those doubts so they don’t kill your dreams.



He has an amazing success story and has been producing a daily podcast show for over a month now. Wow, he is up to episode 43 already!!!

I need to get some motivational and priority coaching from him!!! I have practically fallen off the face of the earth lately. Haven’t been on facebook, blogging or anything online. (I recently published a new book for real estate appraisers and that has kept me very busy)

But I will get back in to the swing of things now that summer is over.

I would really appreciate if you can listen to Pauls podcast and rate his podcast in iTunes! He is a great guy and really deserves success.

Thanks again!



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