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Making Money Online with Niche Websites

I came across this podcast from Yaro Starak about Ian McConnell who reveals his online success story about his Model Train website.  It can really help you to brainstorm when you are trying to determine what type of niche you are looking to target.  You might not think it would be possible to make over $300,000 with a hobby niche website, let alone a hobby niche website about model trains!

But in this audio podcast, Yaro interview Ian about his incredible success of turning a hobby in to an amazing success story.

Niche website success stories are one of my favorite topics.  I strongly believe that sticking to a passion gives you an advantage and additional drive that others focusing on the same industry might not have.  I know I have had great success with niche websites, and especially those that are about real estate and real estate appraisal.

In the interview Ian  shares all the details on how he made $82,000 in the first year with his website, $90,000 the next year and later sold the business for over $150,000.  Wow!

You can listen to the audio interview here:

More information on the websites:

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