Keyword Research Tutorial

Episode 4: Keyword Research Tutorial

Why Conduct Keyword Research?

I hope at this point you are ready to just dive in and get started earning money online, but one of the first steps before you start any project online is to conduct keyword research.  You will be doing keyword research to identify a niche, when you are preparing to write a review on an Amazon product or when you are looking to buy a domain name or to optimize a blog post.

Keyword research helps you to avoid targeting worthless keywords and target those keywords that you will actually rank for and bring you the correct visitors.

Keywords in this tutorial are 1 word keywords up to 4-5 keyword phrases

Single Keyword: Shampoo  (very hard to rank for)

Keyword Phrase: Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo (easier and more targeted)

You are going to love this Keyword Research Tutorial

Before we get started on the keyword research tutorial I wanted to respond to some of the feedback I have been getting online.  I really believe in creating passive income streams, but also teach people how to make money online quickly through various techniques that work.

So many people are looking to make money online fast if you just need to make some extra money online. You can use some of the techniques found on this post to earn money online fast.  It is definitely worth checking out, but it is not going to create you wealth in the long run.  But it will help make ends meet!

The first step you should take to identify a Niche or when purchasing a domain name, creating a new blog, writing articles or reviews of amazon products.

Size up your competition to determine a keyword or keyword phrase you can rank for.  The goal here is to get to the top positions in Google to get the most traffic.  A website that ranks in the top 5 positions will get you traffic where a position on the 2nd page of results won’t get you much of any traffic.  I tend to focus on Google as a top ranking here will most likely result in getting top ranking positions across multiple search engines.

You can use the Google External Keyword tool to identify keywords, but you are limited with the information you receive.  But you can use it to find both the primary keywords you wish to focus on ranking for and also long tail keywords, those that are multiple keyword phrases that you can rank for, but won’t bring in as much traffic as the primary keywords.  The long tail keywords are very valuable if you are able to identify numerous phrases where you might end up getting a lot of your keyword phrases to rank you in the #1 position in Google for that phrase.

Your #1 Goal is to rank in the top position.

You can spend numerous hours conducting keyword research using the Google External keyword tool or you can spend a little money and do it much faster and store the information on your computer for future reference.

To quickly size up the competition, you want to use some keyword research software like Market Samurai.  It will save you hours when conducting keyword research and will help to immediately identify the keywords or phrases you are looking to rank for.

In this tutorial I teach you how to use Market Samurai to do keyword research to identify the most profitable and obtainable keywords and keyword search phrases by downloading your free trial and really test out the software.

The more information you can find out about your competition and the keywords they are using to rank in the search engines increases your chances for ranking for the same keywords.  Don’t focus on keywords that you most likely won’t rank for due to extreme competition, focus on those profitable keywords that will bring you traffic and potential customers.

Why should you do keyword research?

  • identify domain names for blogs or product creation
  • identify most profitable keywords for article marketing
  • find blog topics that people are interested in reading about
  • find good products to review and that people are looking for

When determining what keywords to target, you are looking at 4 factors.

  • relevance
  • traffic
  • competition
  • commerciality

Watch the video, take notes and leave me some feedback on the first tutorial for How To Earn Money TV!

Enjoy, now JUST DO IT!

Bryan Knowlton

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  1. Bryan,
    Are you heading to Russia for the new Gold Rush? Seems you know a lot about the metal detectors and maybe it’s a good article option as well? I was thinking of doing one since the meteorite strike was so recent. But this is more for you I think

    1. Not heading to Russia anytime soon! It would be great timing to write an article or post about this… But I have yet to create the Metal Detector website yet. That will be coming in an upcoming tutorial. I will definitely bring it up at that time. Thanks for the feedback!


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