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SEO Competition – Can you make it to the top?

Part 2 : SEO Competition – Can you make it to the top?

Once you find some keyword phrases that meet the search criteria you found in the previous post you will want to see how fierce the competition is for those keywords. Your goal should always be to get the #1 position in Google, so you want to make sure that is even possible.

SEO Competition ResearchYou can get a lot of good competition data from MarketSamurai and LongTail Pro, not so much from the Google External Keyword tool. But you will need something to guage the competition. These tools will definitely help, but it does not guarantee success (unless the keywords have very low competition).

But there is a lot you can do to give yourself a good fighting chance before you dedicate building a niche website around a specific keyword phrase. I keep saying keyword phrase since you will most likely never rank for 1 keyword. You need to think of what your potential customers are searching for and find the most relevant and profitable keywords (ones with traffic).

Determining Keyword Competition

  1. Is the keyword used in the domain name of the websites that show up in the top 10 positions in Google?
  2. Is the keyword used in the Title of the page and the meta description (right click to view the source and check the title and meta description).
  3. Who is linking to the domain names that show up in the top results? Are they high quality links or poor spammy links? How many links?
  4. What is their Page Authority and why. You can use the get the MozBar by following that link to find this data out. Page Authority is the odds of them showing up in the Google Search Results.
  5. What is their MozRank, their link popularity score. You can get the MozBar to find out that information as well.
  6. What is the pages Page Rank (PR) – This was a Google Algorithm score / rank based on a number of factors. The higher the number, the harder it is to beat it.
  7. Anchor text distribution – Don’t make it look like you are trying to game the system, help Google place your website in the ranks where it belongs.
  8. The competitions content and how ‘valuable’ or ‘spammy’ it is.

There are many factors that contribute to ranking in Google for any keyword phrase. With the constantly changing algorithm changes being made, you never know exactly what will make a website rank. But you will want to at least start with these factors to determine if you will be able to out rank your competition.

That doesn’t mean that you have to dominate in each of the categories above, there are still many other factors to why you might rank for a keyword above the competition. So keep that in mind when doing your research.

I am going to continue with additional steps you should be taking to determine your niche, so subscribe to my newsletter or RSS to stay up to date!


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