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Make Money on YouTube

Episode 18: YouTube Superstar Zach King, aka FinalCutKing Interview

After spending hours watching his hilarious YouTube videos I was totally blown away after noticing the producer, FinalCutKing had over 290,000 subscribers and tens of millions of video views in only the past few years.

I decided I would reach out and see if he was interested in doing an interview to explain how he got started with earning money online through YouTube.

YouTube Marketing - FinalCutKingIn the interview Zach King explains how he got started producing videos for YouTube for both entertainment and tutorials on how to use a variety of software packages to create amazing videos.  He provides a ton of great information on filmmaking and behind the scenes footage.

Not only does Zach make highly entertaining and instructional content, but he is able to monetize his videos with the Google Affiliate program as well as by selling tutorials on how to take your video production to the next level.

Most of his entertainment shows can be found on his YouTube channel FinalCutKing with the tutorials located at FinalCutQueen.  Make sure to check out and subscribe to both of his channels if you have ever thought about making money with YouTube.

I am sure you are going to enjoy this interview and the Car Chase Scene that he recently created.  He gives some great tips on getting YouTube traffic as well.  Enjoy!

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Long Tail Pro Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tutorials

I have moved on to Keyword Research for the upcoming Niche Site Duel and wanted to give everyone access to the training videos for Long Tail Pro.  I will be creating a complete tutorial researching keywords for the Niche websites I will be building, but in the meantime these are some great videos that you will want to check out.

If you still haven’t tried out Long Tail Pro yet, make sure to sign up to the 10 day free trial.

Video 1 – Setting up a Campaign in Long Tail Pro

Click Here to Watch Video 1


Video 2 – Using Filters and Set Defaults in Long Tail Pro

Click Here to Watch Video 2


 Video 3 – Using the Title Competition Feature

Click Here to Watch Video 3


 Video 4 – Using the Keyword Results Screen

Click Here to Watch Video 4


Video 5 – How to Sort Results and Filter Domains in Long Tail Pro

Click Here to Watch Video 5


Video 6 – Analyze the Results on Competitor Analysis

Click Here to Watch Video 6


How to Find Your Seed Keywords

Click Here to Watch Old Video


Long Tail Pro Platinum Features:

Video 7 – How to Import up to 10,000 Keywords

Click Here to Watch Video 7


Video 8 – How to Use “Favorites” for quicker results

Click Here to Watch Video 8


Video 9 – How to Use “Avg. KC” on Keyword Results Screen

Click Here to Watch Video 9


Video 10 – Understanding the Average Keyword Competitiveness Number

Click Here to Watch Video 10


These videos will help when you first start using Long Tail Pro.  Now get out there and do some keyword research!

Bryan Knowlton

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Niche Site Duel 2.0

My Second website for the Niche Site Duel 2

Yesterday I posted information about the first website that I will be focusing on getting top rankings for Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel 2.  It is a new and used RV website for the San Diego market.  You can find out about the progress that I have made so far on that post.

Status Update 06/07/2013

The second website I will be building is a Metal Detector website.  There is still a lot of work to complete the website as I only analyzed the top keywords to initially pick the domain name, I have not started doing keyword research to find the additional keywords I will be targeting with the help of Long Tail Pro.  One of the main reasons I decided to pick this niche website was due to my interest in prospecting and metal detecting, but I also have a forum with a fair amount of traffic focusing on the popularity of all the ‘gold prospecting’ TV shows recently available on cable television.  Shows like Gold Rush and Bering Sea Gold are the discovery channels top shows right now and I am looking to attract their viewers through social media.

I searched high and low and was able to locate only a couple affiliate programs just for metal detectors.  I contacted the marketing department at KellyCo Detectors because of their large product line of detectors and accessories, but their past affiliate program with ShareaSale was terminated years ago and they were not interested in starting a new program.  They also could not give me an estimate of commissions due to their profit ranges vary depending on the individual products.  I decided to skip the idea of drop shipping or becoming an authorized dealer at this point.  I can always become an authorized dealer in the future if the need arises.

The best solution I could come up with is to build a store using the Amazon Affiliate program.  I knew software existed to create online stores using amazon products so I searched and searched and finally found a package I was happy with.

Completed Tasks:

1. researched primary keyword and purchased related keyword domain

2. purchased and installed Fresh Store Builder to build my affiliate store

3. preselected specific metal detectors and accessories based on amazon store reviews and number of purchases

4. imported all products in to the store

Upcoming Tasks:

1. identify additional keywords to target throughout the product pages

2. rewrite the inventory content and description to be optimized for the search engines and ease of reading

3. get custom graphics designed on for the store

That is all for this weeks update.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on the Niche Site Duel or how to get started.  Also, make sure to register for the Niche Site Duel Community Forum to stay up to date and get more information when the niche site duel begins.

Bryan Knowlton

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Niche Site Duel 2.0

One of My Websites for the Niche Site Duel

I am so looking forward to the Niche Site Duel that I recently created a forum for people looking to follow along at where people can post their questions and help each other in their quest to earn money online.

Working with a VA I was able to get the main websites set up, now I need to do additional keyword research in Long Tail Pro to find the keyword phrases that I will focus on within the content.  Initially I will be working on rewriting all the content on the website and later move on to blog posts on the featured products and services I will be offering within my niche.

Status update for 06/06/2013

After doing quite a bit of research for all types of RVs, Motorhomes and Trailers, I found that in general the term RV is getting the most traffic.   When searching for around 20 related keywords to Motorhomes, I found that San Diego RV was the most searched phrase in San Diego with the lowest competition.

Although the search term only shows 260 exact match searches, far below the search criteria that I would normally select for a Niche, I will be targeting hundreds of secondary keyword phrases based on models and makes.  The main draw of this niche is that there are a number of RV dealerships that I have found in San Diego that are willing to work on a referral basis.  I will be tracking all calls that I send them and they will pay me for each referral.  I haven’t ironed out the payment details with the company I have decided to target, but in addition to the referrals, I will eventually ad adwords and related products and services for additional revenue.

Why I selected this Niche

One of the main reasons I decided to target this niche is that I have always had a fascination for motorhomes.  From the huge Class A Diesels down to the tiny teardrop trailers you can pull behind cars.  I have considered buying a large Class A motorhome in the past to travel around the country while I worked on my internet businesses.  I have since decided a nice home port is the way to go and will most likely buy an RV in the future.  All the proceeds from this website will be going in to a savings account to fund the purchase, so the better it does, the faster I will get one!  Now that really gives me a good goal to work towards.

After frequently a number of RV dealerships in San Diego County, I was able to determine that one of the dealers had a very large advertising budget but lacked a good web presence.  I initially turned to them to hire me as a consultant, but the marketing manager did not understand the value of having the top ranking website for their primary terms, so we decided on a referral partnership.  I imagine with their high advertising budget, that they should have a fairly high referral fee.  If they don’t, I am sure the competition will.

The great part about my new system is that I can easily get the inventory from any RV website, or possibly all of them and send referrals to all of them.  But for now I am going to focus on the primary company I am looking to do business with.  If it works out well I am sure I will be able to get a consulting gig with them and lease them the website.

Completed Tasks:

1. primary keyword research for domain name

2. purchased related domain name (I don’t like to use dashes, but figured it would work for this project)

3. paid a VA to build a script to import the current inventory weekly and prompt when new items are added

4. paid a VA to design the basic shell of the website which will be updated in the future with graphics

Upcoming Tasks:

1. identify additional keywords to target throughout the content for each RV or trailers description

2. rewrite the inventory content and description to be optimized for the search engines and ease of reading

3. add tracking phone number throughout the website

That is all for this week, make sure to visit the forum for more information and screen captures at

I hope everyone has started with some Niche Research so you can be ready when the Niche Site Duel 2 begins!

Bryan Knowlton

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Niche Site Duel Announcement

Episode 17: Niche Site Duel Announcement and More!

In this video episode I talk about the upcoming Niche Site Duel 2 that Pat Flynn is running over on his website Smart Passive Income.  Most of my blog posts lately are about this since I will be following along with the niche site duel and I recently created a forum for people to join to be part of the follow along campaign.

In this episode I mentioned the following:

So again, I really hope you join the community if you are looking to earn money online.  This is going to be one of the most productive events of the year.  I would love to see you start a niche website from scratch and take it all up to earning some money online.

If you have not made any money online before, this is exhilarating and it will only lead to more and larger successes.

Hope to see you there!

Bryan Knowlton

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Content for Niche Websites

Can You Come Up With 50 Good Content Ideas For Your Niche?

4.) Pats’ 50-Post Test

In the new Niche Site Duel Pat came up with another test to see if you can come up with enough content to make it a viable website.

Content for Niche WebsitesI really liked this idea. If you have ever built a website before, it is fun to do the niche keyword research, it is even more fun to hunt down a domain name, and incredibly fun finding all the money keywords.

But creating content? That gets kinda old, kinda quick. No matter how you look at it, it takes time or money to create content.

The 50-post test will ensure that you have the ability to write a good amount of content for your new website. You can also use these blog or content ideas to write the posts yourself or to hire someone to do it for you.

With all the recent algorithm changes, the chances of getting a 2 or 3 page website to rank is getting harder and harder. If you can get a 2 or 3 page website to rank, most likely you are targeting something nobody is searching for and you most likely not see any traffic.

If you really want to earn money online, you have to put in the time and commitment and the valuable content to do well. The more content you create, the more keywords you can target. You will also get a steady stream of ‘long tail’ traffic that you weren’t even planning on.

Add up all the traffic you get from all your long tail keywords, you will quickly find that you get more traffic than your primary keywords. That is if you have enough content on your website to find those keywords.

For example, on my Appraiser Income website, I actively target the following keywords:

  • appraisal management
  • appraisal management companies

I get around 600 unique visitors a month.

Add up all the traffic I get related to the long term keywords that include:

  • Ohio appraisal management
  • appraisal management company
  • appraisal management in utah
  • appraisal management companies directory
  • list of appraisal management companies

I get another 1000 unique visitors a month.


The way I get all those long tail keywords is by having a lot of posts. The 50-point test will ensure that you have enough content for your website, at least 50 related posts or article ideas.

Pat suggests creating a spreadsheet with your primary keyword in mind. Come up with at least ideas for articles or posts. If you run out of ideas before 50, which you will, then use the following to come up with more.

  • Use the primary keyword in Long Tail Pro to come up with more related keywords that you can and should write about.
  • Do a Google Search and visit the websites and blogs that show up for more ideas.
  • Go to Amazon and get more ideas by searching for books and related information. You can even take a ‘look inside the cover’ and read the index for more ideas.
  • Search social media using your primary keywords to find related posts and information that can help you come up with some more posts.
  • Search in Google News for recent articles around your niche keyword

I really like this idea. I have done similar things in the past by writing out a detailed list of article titles so it would be easier to make new blog posts in the future, but I have not done this in a while.

One of the best feelings you can ever have as a blogger is to pre-populate your WordPress blog with scheduled posts, knowing that you are always a month ahead of your posting schedule.

If you get in to this habit, you will be way ahead of the game. Keep in mind that you can use these ideas for blog posts, to create videos or do a podcast show. Just know in advance that if you really want to make it big, you need to deliver high value content consistently.

If you can’t get up to the 50 ideas, then you should possibly reconsider the niche. Either way, don’t immediately discount the idea, you might need to give your brain a rest, so come back to it later.

Well, that is it for this week! I hope you take time and sign up to the new forum I created for the Niche Site Duel at

Have a great weekend!

Bryan Knowlton

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Niche Site Duel 2 Forum

New Forum For Niche Site Duel 2

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have created an online community for all those looking to follow and interact with others that are participating in Pat Flynns’ Niche Site Duel 2.0

Niche Site Duel 2 ForumThis is going to be a very exciting forum.  In addition to all the others that have expressed interest in following and participating within the How To Earn Money TV Forum, I will be posting all of the information and progress I am making with the niche I will be using during Niche Site Duel 2.0.

If you would like to be part of the community, please register at

I have already started doing some of my initial keyword research to determine the Niche I would like to get in to.  Although I have created close to 100 niche websites in the past, with all the changes to the Google algorithm over the past couple years, I feel like a newbie!   That is a good thing!  I am very excited to learn something new in affiliate marketing and get back in to the trial and error of earning money online with a niche website.

I already stated in a previous post that I will be focusing on 2 Niches / Websites for Pats’ follow along.  Although it is generally better to focus on 1 website if you have never done this before, I have a small team of virtual assistants that are helping me complete a lot of the process.

My 2 Niches that I will be focusing on and how I intend to make money off of them.

USED / NEW RV Website focusing on the San Diego Market  – I will be making money by sending phone calls obtained off the website through Google Voice and paid per phone call / contact.

Metal Detector and Equipment Store – I will monetize this through sales through Amazon Associates Program and possibly Google Adsense.

I am looking forward to posting information on the progress I am making within the forum as well as through weekly posts made to the main blog of this website.

Please register and get involved at

Thanks Again,

Bryan Knowlton

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Money Making Keywords

Can you Make Money In Your Niche?

Part 3 – Ok, so you have found a good niche with low competition and good traffic, the next big thing to consider is to determine if you can make money with this niche you have researched so far.

Niche Money KeywordsMany people do the first couple steps, find a good keyword phrase with plenty of traffic and low competition, but is there a reason why there is low competition for this phrase? It is very possible you came across a niche with no buyers or nobody spending money in this area. That is very important to determine!

You can have a high ranking website that gets a good amount of traffic, but if people are not spending money in this area and are only seeking information, then you are out of luck with that keyword. Time to move on.

Researching monetization and commerciality of the keyword phrase is very important to determine if you should put in all the hard work to get the website to rank only to find that you can’t make money off of it.

When it comes to determining the earning potential of a niche, you need to do some additional tests.

  •  Average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) in Google Adwords. This will tell you what people are paying for an average click. You can also find this information by using the mentioned Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro. A higher CPC means that advertisiers are competing for the term, driving the value up and most likely there is more money in that niche. More advertiser for that keyword phrase also means you should be able to find plenty of additional affiliate offers to generate income within your niche.
  • What Are The Advertisements That Show Up in a Google Search? Type your target keyword phrase in to Google and see what types of advertising shows up. If there are a lot of ads, then you should be good to go. If there are few or no results, then CPC buyers are not going out of their way to buy advertising and you might try and consider why. If you believe there is still value in the keyword, then go ahead and stick with it. You might have come across a great keyword.
  • Is There Related Books or Products that Show Up in an is another great place to go to determine if money is being spent within your niche, primarily for the keyword. If there are a lot of related products, then you can potentially sell these as well. You can also create similar products to sell on your own to your audience.
  • What Other Sites Promoting? Do another search in Google and visit the websites that show up in the results. Click through and check them out to find out what they are selling, if anything. The more advertisements the better. If you see Adsense ads, then they might be making the bulk of their money off of the Google Adsense network. They can also be promoting products and services which will give you a good idea on what you can offer as well.
  • Search for the ‘Money’ Keywords. Another thing you should find out is what additional products and services you can potentially promote on your website. Run the following searches in Google to determine this (with quotations):
    • target keyword” “on sale”
    • target keyword” “for sale”
    • target keyword” “price”
    • target keyword” “affiliate”
    • target keyword” “partners”
    • target keyword” “media kit”
    • target keyword” “product description”
    • target keyword” “equipment”
    • target keyword” “services”
    • target keyword” “products”
    • target keyword” “customer review”
    • target keyword” “testimonial”
    • target keyword” “now available” If you find a lot of products and services to promote, most likekly you have a niche with earning potential. But if you don’t come across much of anything, you might have come across a niche with no money in it.

You don’t have to pass all the tests listed above, but they are a really good indicator if you have a niche with money in it or not. There are a lot of additional factors that will determine if your website will be a money maker. You definitely will be able to find the duds in the market this way.

Again, I wanted to send a special ‘Thanks Pat’ to Pat Flynn over at the Smart Passive Income Blog for getting the Niche Site Duel 2.0 started. His posts have inspired me to rewrite a lot of the factors he uses to determine a profitable niche. Make sure to visit his website at regarding Niche Site Duel. I will be starting a forum soon that will help others wishing to follow along to participate with others looking to make money online.

Bryan Knowlton

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SEO Competition Research

SEO Competition – Can you make it to the top?

Part 2 : SEO Competition – Can you make it to the top?

Once you find some keyword phrases that meet the search criteria you found in the previous post you will want to see how fierce the competition is for those keywords. Your goal should always be to get the #1 position in Google, so you want to make sure that is even possible.

SEO Competition ResearchYou can get a lot of good competition data from MarketSamurai and LongTail Pro, not so much from the Google External Keyword tool. But you will need something to guage the competition. These tools will definitely help, but it does not guarantee success (unless the keywords have very low competition).

But there is a lot you can do to give yourself a good fighting chance before you dedicate building a niche website around a specific keyword phrase. I keep saying keyword phrase since you will most likely never rank for 1 keyword. You need to think of what your potential customers are searching for and find the most relevant and profitable keywords (ones with traffic).

Determining Keyword Competition

  1. Is the keyword used in the domain name of the websites that show up in the top 10 positions in Google?
  2. Is the keyword used in the Title of the page and the meta description (right click to view the source and check the title and meta description).
  3. Who is linking to the domain names that show up in the top results? Are they high quality links or poor spammy links? How many links?
  4. What is their Page Authority and why. You can use the get the MozBar by following that link to find this data out. Page Authority is the odds of them showing up in the Google Search Results.
  5. What is their MozRank, their link popularity score. You can get the MozBar to find out that information as well.
  6. What is the pages Page Rank (PR) – This was a Google Algorithm score / rank based on a number of factors. The higher the number, the harder it is to beat it.
  7. Anchor text distribution – Don’t make it look like you are trying to game the system, help Google place your website in the ranks where it belongs.
  8. The competitions content and how ‘valuable’ or ‘spammy’ it is.

There are many factors that contribute to ranking in Google for any keyword phrase. With the constantly changing algorithm changes being made, you never know exactly what will make a website rank. But you will want to at least start with these factors to determine if you will be able to out rank your competition.

That doesn’t mean that you have to dominate in each of the categories above, there are still many other factors to why you might rank for a keyword above the competition. So keep that in mind when doing your research.

I am going to continue with additional steps you should be taking to determine your niche, so subscribe to my newsletter or RSS to stay up to date!


Bryan Knowlton

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Keyword Research Tutorial

Keyword Research : Part 1 : Search Volume and Match Types

Keyword research is not only a science but equally an art. Did I say that right? Well you get the idea. Not only do you have to define specific criteria, but you have to be willing to make adjustments and identify the gold keywords within all the trash ones.

Keyword Research and Match Types

Originally when I got started doing keyword research I followed most of the tried and true recommendations made by others using Market Samurai to identify the best keywords possible. If you want to watch a video tutorial on Market Samurai, you can watch it here:

Episode 4: Keyword Research Tutorial

I will also be making a keyword research tutorial shortly for Long Tail Pro. They are both great software packages with free trials. Both require a ‘premium’ or monthly payment option to get the back-linking and competition data that is really important. But you can use it without that information just to get started.

This is the search criteria that I use when searching for profitable keywords and niches.

1.) Search Volume [Exact Match]: Minimum of 3,000 Local Searches Per Month (or 100 per day Minimum)

The search volume is a keyword is given in a monthly figure based on the amount of searches for that keyword or phrase. You can use that figure as an estimate of potential traffic you would receive if you had the #1 position in Google for that keyword. Of course you won’t get all that traffic in the #1 position, but by estimating the traffic that you get from Google as well as other websites and directories, it is a good indicator.  Keep in mind, this is my MINIMUM number based on keyword competition, etc…

You can do research using 3 types of searches, but you should be using EXACT MATCH when developing niche websites. 

The 3 different types are:

broad match – skewed results – Contains all the words, may be in any order, and may include other words

phrase match – better results – Contains all the words, in order, and may include other words before or after the phrase

exact match – best results – Contains only these words in this order

Make sure you do your keyword research using exact match. All other search figures will be incredibly skewed.
Tomorrow I will continue with SEO Competition and make a cheat sheet at the end!

Bryan Knowlton

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Niche Site Duel 2.0

Niche Site Duel 2.0 update – Started Programming

Ok, I thought I would get ahead and work on one of my first Niche Site Duel 2.0 websites that I am going to use as a follow along for Pat Flynns’ upcoming Niche Site Duel 2.0 challenge.

I will come out and tell you what the first website is about now.  It is a RV site.  Mainly a sales and information website about Recreational Vehicles (RV) and trailers for the local San Diego Market.

A few months back I met with the marketing manager and gave him a proposal to increase the website traffic by optimizing his website.  At that time he wasn’t interested in hiring me as a consultant but wanted to see what I could do.

So I have laid out an action plan to show him what I can do to monetize leads to him or possibly become his internet marketing expert in the future.

This is what I will be doing

  • Create a new website focusing on the San Diego Region
  • Access his database information from his website and rewrite then post it to my website
  • Optimize all the information and images to focus on getting traffic and search engine rankings within the San Diego Market
  • Get on to the first page of search engine results for all terms related to RVs in San Diego
  • Go back in and meet with the manager to become his consultant or get paid for each referral

So I originally made a post on Odesk to find a programmer with the skills necessary to complete the initial database scape and populate my database.   Although there were a number of good programmers, I found that I could pay roughly the same amount to pay a local programmer that I have worked with in the past to get this task completed locally.

Working with a local programmer will allow me to provide quicker feedback on changes that will need to be made.  This way the whole process will run much smoother and the output will be more of what I would like.

I ran across 1 problem along the way.  With my dedicated hosting account I had to get my PHP updated.  No big problem.  If you run in to this, just contact your hosting provider and let them know.  I have never had this problem before as the servers are usually updated automatically, but I decided to place the server on my dedicated server to allow for more control of scripts and I guess I haven’t kept everything updated as well as I should.

So I purchased my domain name, added it to my server via Cpanel and set up a database to add all the scraped inventory information.  Wohoo!  On my way!

I am going to whip together a quick copy of the existing websites functions in a fast loading and streamlined design so it will load fast and allow the customer to easily find what they are looking for.  The first run will look really plain until I redo all the graphics and rewrite the text.  But by making a copy of the existing website it will be easier than starting 100% from scratch.

I will update everyone with the Niche Site Duel Forum on the next post as it should be ready to go by then.

Bryan Knowlton

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How To Do a YouTube External Website Link

Episode 16: How To Video Tutorial: YouTube External Linking

This tutorial will show you how to link to a website from within your YouTube channel. No additional software needed and no risk of losing your YouTube Account! YouTube has created the Associated Website annotation link for you to use.

What You Need


Lets Get Started

  1. Log in to your Google Webmaster Account:
  2. ADD SITE – select to verify website. Easiest method is to just add a simple META tag before the /head on the main page of your website. FTP is just as easy though.
  3. Wait a couple minutes for the confirmation.


Verify Your YouTube/Gmail account with ownership of your website in Google Webmaster Tools

Within your Google Webmaster account go to:

If you are linking to a YouTube account that is separate from the Gmail Account you will need to follow the steps below, otherwise you can skip it an go on to verify your YouTube account.

  1. Configuration
  2. Then – Associates
  3. Then – ADD A NEW USER and use your YouTube email.


Verify Your YouTube Account

Verify your YouTube account using your own phone number.

When you get the code, put it in to the form and click VERIFY.

You will need to become a partner to unlock the external link feature. Click on GET STARTED and you will see the monetize banner on your account.


Accept the agreement and click on Monetize

Next click on:

  1. Channel Settings
  2. then – Associated Website
  3. add your website and click ADD


Upload a video to work with or use an existing one

Next click on:

  1. Edit
  2. then – Annotations
  3. click on – ENABLE at the top of your screen
  4. Add the annotation text and adjust the position and duration the annotation should be displayed.
  5. click on LINK
  6. click on Associated Website
  7. Then add the website or any page within your website that you would like to link to.
  8. Click on PUBLISH and verify everything is ok and working.

So that is how you can link from inside of a YouTube video to a website. Not too difficult but very powerful!

If you have any questions or run in to any problems, please leave a comment below.

Thanks Again!


Bryan Knowlton

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Long Tail Pro Keyword Research

New Keyword Research Tool – Long Tail Pro

Actually you might have heard about this keyword research tool, it has been around for a couple years now. I have been using Market Samurai for years but you have had to pay an additional fee for the additional competitive research and backlink data. Ever since then I still have used Market Samurai quite a bit, but I wanted to try out a new tool for the Niche Site Duel.

The best thing that I like about it is that the competitive research data is only $17.00 a month. You can still use it without that to find keyword data, but if you want the full power of the software, you really need that information. So I decided to purchase the Pro + Platinum version.

Here is a list of the features:

  • Search Multiple Keywords at Once
  • Generate up to 800 results per seed keyword
  • Pre-filter keywords
  • Automatically find Domains
  • Google or Bing Title Competition
  • Competitor Analysis on top 10 Google Results
  • Check Rankings of sites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Calculate Keyword Competitiveness
  • Save Favorite keywords
  • Import lists of keywords (up to 10,000 at once)
  • Auto-search and Track Rankings – coming soon!
  • Create custom calculations from keyword results – coming soon!

I started researching and looking up the information I will need to complete my newest websites. Although I will probably be using the marketing techniques on a number of my websites at the same time, I will be focusing on 2 main websites.

  • A city specific Recreational Vehicle website that will focus on local traffic and make money off of referrals.
  • A hobby product website with a blog and video component.

Have you decided on a niche yet or started trying to identify a Niche you would like to focus on?  

There are a number of reasons why I picked the niches that I will be focusing on.

For the RV website, I have had interest in RV (campers, luxury RVs, Micro RVs) for my whole life and have owned a few myself.  I have been in the market for quite a long time and would like to do some exhaustive research for the RV that would be perfect for me.  At the same time there are numerous RV centers located throughout Southern California that are all fighting for the same internet traffic.  Fortunately for me they do not know much about local advertising and I would eventually like to become a consultant for the largest RV center in Southern California.  I have already met with the marketing manager and will initially be paid for referrals and have the opportunity to become a consultant after I show them what I can do.

The second website is centered around a hobby that I have been very active in for years.  Although the competition has a well established presence on the internet, I believe by going by long tail keywords, I will be able to generate numerous sales.  Unfortunately the company I was going to use for the affiliate program has discontinued their affiliate system.  By becoming a drop shipper with them, I will have to collect the money on my end.  I figure it will be worth the risk because I can get a 30% discount on the retail price vs a 5% commission on each sale.

Selecting a good niche for you is the most important step in the process

Selecting a good niche is the determining factor if you will have success or failure.  Very competitive keywords will always be hard to rank for.  Less known niches and phrases will always be easier.

If this is your first attempt at building a website and you don’t have much experience with getting websites to rank, then I would go for a low competition niche to begin with.  Although you will get less traffic, the chance of your website showing up in the top results of Google are much greater.  It is better to be on the 1st page of Google for a keyword that gets 3,000 exact searches a month vs. ranking on the 6th page for a keyword that gets 400,000 searches per month.  You are buried, nobody will ever find you.

Hardly anyone goes on to the 2nd page to find the results they are looking for.  They refine their search and try again.  They niche down their search and give it a try.  You need to find that niche.

When shopping for shoes, you don’t put ‘shoes’ in to google.  You might put ‘best shoe for running a 10k’ or ‘rock climbing shoes’, etc… Those are niche keywords.

Your website will be there for people searching for specific answers and/or products.  If you become the expert in that area, provide exceptional content and value, your website will rank in the top.

So start brainstorming and come up with a list of 20 different niches you can focus on.  On my next blog post I will tell you how you can use Long Tail Pro to help you determine the best niche for you.

Have a great one!

Bryan Knowtlon

How To Earn Money TV

Make Money Online?

Looking to Earn Money Online? How Can I Help You?

Since I am about to start on a couple new niche websites, I thought I would put it out there to all my viewers to get involved. If you would like to participate in a niche site duel of our own while following Pat Flynn do his, please let me know.

I can create a forum for people looking to participate or we can come together another way. Kind of like a little mastermind of sorts.

The key here is that nobody will be doing any work for you, we will be working together to help each other out. So if you are interested in taking that first big step to making money online, please leave a comment below with your interest.

I will be creating 2 websites completely from scratch. If you have never done this before, I would suggest starting with one.

If you are not interested in participating in a niche site duel of sorts but have some questions you would like to have answered in one of my upcoming videos, you can leave a comment for that as well. Most of my upcoming videos will be covering the niche site duel but I have no problem covering new topics of interest or expanding on something that I am currently doing with the membership pay sites or product creation for resale.

So please leave a comment below and get ready to get ready! LOL.

Bryan Knowlton
How To Earn Money .TV

niche-site-dPat Flynn Niche Site Duel 2.0uel-2

Pat Flynn announces his next Niche Site Duel 2.0

Back in the Summer of 2010 Pat Flynn was challenged by Tyrone Shum to see who could build the most profitable niche website from scratch.

There was only 1 rule: no paid advertising to generate traffic

They went about laying out the steps on how they identified their niches, built their websites and used 2 different techniques to get traffic to their websites.  Who was the final winner? You can find that out here: Tyrone Shum and Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel

Recently Pat announced that he will be doing it all over again!  That is very exciting because a lot has changed since the days of getting organic traffic from the search engines and social has opened the doors to massive amounts of traffic.  Many of the techniques used in the past wouldn’t have been considered ‘black hat’ SEO or anything, they just don’t work anymore.  Even if you create 100% unique and high quality articles, you won’t get any Google love by submitting them to article directories.  That is just 1 example.

But on the other hand, you have the authorship write-up in google+, twitter and facebook pages and more.  Short videos in YouTube for very targeted niches are fairly easy to rank as well. I will be very interested to see what strategies Pat will be following when building his new niche website as well as get traffic to it.

I hope he will allow viewers to contribute their journey as they create a Niche Site as well in the upcoming Niche Site Duel 2.0, as that was one of the best parts of the duel on the last go round.   I have a couple ideas on a couple Niche Sites I would like to finish up on as well.  Originally when I started How To Earn Money .TV I started to produce a series on building a Niche Website.  You can see how I came up with the Niche as well as the keyword research behind it by watching the Keyword Research Tutorial which led to Installing a WordPress Blog in Minutes.

I left off with installing the blog and moving on to finding a good affiliate program to use on the website.  I had one in mind but it turned out they cancelled their affiliate program around that time and the project went on the back burner as I started on another Niche Membership Website.  The Niche Membership site has become a huge success but requires quite a lot of time to manage and run.  With over $100,000 in sales in 6 months it has occupied a lot of my time until recently.

So now I am going to blog about the creation of a couple niche websites.  I am not quite ready to reveal exactly what I will be creating, but most likely one will be a shopping cart driven website that takes online purchases either through an affiliate program or drop shipping arrangement where I can get higher commissions, but also higher risk and involvement.  The best way I can describe the other website is a very local, city specific used car website.   Income will be generated through commissions earned through referrals.  There might also be some PPC advertising spots on both sites in the future.

So stay tuned, I will be posting more information about the Niche Site Duel 2.o as I get everything ready so I can hit the ground running in June/July 2013!

Bryan Knowlton

How To Earn Money .TV

Where to place affiliate links

Where to add your affiliate links without annoying your readers

If you look around my website you will see a few banners to a few different products I promote.  These stand out and scream ADVERTISEMENT!!!!  This might annoy potential readers to your new blog. 

Instead of starting off with a bunch of advertisements, I would focus more on content creation and getting your traffic up to maybe a few hundred visitors a day before you start adding advertisements to your website.  This does not mean you should not try to monetize your website from the very beginning, there are just more productive and creative ways of making money off of your website.

Throughout my videos and blog posts, I mention products and services that I use to get things done easier and faster.  If I think they are a valuable tool, I will see if there is an affiliate system available from the website where I purchased the software and service and sign up for an affiliate link.  I then will link to that product from inside of my blog posts.  You want to have a disclaimer and privacy policy on all of your pages explaining that some of the links are affiliate links and that you get a commission on the sales.  I sometimes even put it directly after the link, just to let people know they are not charged anything more and that buy purchasing through my affiliate link, they are supporting the production of the show.  People will sometimes go out of their way to use my affiliate link.

The best thing is you don’t have to offer customer service or collect the money yourself.  It is a great idea to answer questions and help people out as much as possible regarding the products or services as it will help other people make the decision if they want to buy it or not as well.

I have many affiliate links throughout my websites and I have signed up to nearly 1000 affiliate offers and website in over my 20 years of making money online.  The reason I know the number so well is that I have a password management program that keeps track of all my usernames and passwords (never use the same username and password for affiliate accounts… These days I never use the same username and password for anything.)

On How To Earn Money .TV you will find my affiliate links in some of my posts, on my show notes and in the sidebars and footer of this website.  But the most income I generate is from the Resource Page.

How To Earn Money .TV Resource Page

Take a few minutes to check out my Resource Page.  Almost all of those links on that page are for affiliate products.  Not all of them collect commissions anymore because affiliate programs come and go, but they still provide valuable information and resources so I keep them up.  Don’t try to make money on everything that you use or talk about, you will make money by providing high value information.  I would suggest keeping this updated as much as possible with all the resources you have mentioned and removing the ones you feel are no longer valuable.

Related Affiliate Sub-Sites

You can put these on the same domain as your primary website, or you can create additional website that are targeted to that specific product or services.  I have created an additional website for keyword research with more information on Market Samurai that provides additional information on the product as well as training videos to make it easier to learn how to use Market Samurai for Keyword Research, finding a good domain name and more.

Forwarding Domains through Affiliate Links

I also use custom domain names like to refer people to Blue Host using my affiliate link.  This also helps customers to identify this link is specifically for Hosting and Blue Host.  I use Blue Host for many of my websites and love their services.  These types of links will never get indexed in the search engines because of duplicate content, etc… But it does make it easy for potential customers to identify what the link is for.  This also makes it easy for a listener of a podcast or video to remember the link as well as making it look cleaner when the URL is posted in a video.

Sidebar Banner Ads

You can see over on the side of this page is that I have 125×125 pixel banner ads which are all affiliate links to certain products that I regularly recommend. I do need to test them out in the future though as I feel they really are not that productive.  The most productive links have been through my blog posts and through my videos. The reason  I keep those side banners up is that I recommend those products and services all the time and I want people to know that I support them.

Test, test and do more testing.  If you are not generating sales and you have a fair amount of traffic, you should try moving your advertising around or completely remove them.  Stick to the most productive methods and keep improving on those.  Unless you are driving traffic and making sales, you are just wasting space on your website.

Within Blog Posts

If I am talking about how a specific product or service has helped me, I will put the affiliate link in the blog post and/or show notes.  I have to believe in the product, use the product and value the product for it to show up inside of my blog posts.  There are numerous blogger websites that add an affiliate link to a different product or service with each post.  Unless you have really incredible amounts of traffic and a great reputation, I don’t think this method will work.  Some bloggers believe you should be working to make a sale with every effort you make on your website.  I believe in the Pat Flynn philosophy of doing a soft sell, or ‘no sell’ approach to making money online.  He is probably one of the most successful bloggers on the internet, so he must be doing something right!!!  One of Pats older blog posts on Smart Passive Income actually inspired me to create this post.

In the blog post he provided an example of how some of his affiliate links are more obvious than others.

My iPhone app business is doing really well, thanks to the How to Make iPhone Apps with No Programming Experience eBook.

OR, I may make them a little more subtle, such as:

We don’t worry about building the apps ourselves, because it’s much easier to outsource the ideas to people who could build the apps faster and probably much better too.

You can use either of the techniques, just find what works best for you.  If I am doing a tutorial about a specific product or service, I will put multiple affiliate links using different formats and banners.

Inside of Products

If you signed up for my newsletter and received my ‘Quick Start Guide’, you will see links to different products and services I use when setting up a new website.  These will include links to Hosting, Market Samurai and a couple more affiliate items.  You can embed your affiliate codes in free give aways and any electronic product you create.

I also publish a book for real estate appraisers.  In these books I send potential customers to products and services through my affiliate link by purchasing a good domain name and doing a forward to the affiliate link through Cpanel.  If you have any questions on how to do this, just leave a comment below.

The Key to Making Money with Affiliate Programs

Always track your links.  You want to know how many are going to your affiliate link.  This way you can guage if the link is worth having at all or that you should put more of them on your website.

Test, test and test!  You have to try different positions and techniques and see what works best for your website and your viewers.

Try different methods of placing your affiliate links using direct links, forwarding links, etc…

The more you try the better you will do in the long run.  But you really need to have some traffic coming to your website for proper testing and tracking purposes.  You can also use Google Analytics to track incoming and outgoing links.  Most affiliate programs will also provide you with a ‘success’ code when a purchase is made.  You can use this to set up a goal so you know exactly where you sales are taking place on your website as well as where the traffic came from.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Thank you!

Bryan Knowlton

How To Earn Money .TV


Buld a Better Blog Part 2

10 More Things You Can Do Today to Build a Better Blog

I made a post yesterday and decided there were another 10 tips I could give you to build a better blog. If you missed the first post, you can find it here: 10 Things You Can Do Today to Build a Better Blog

#11: Take Down the Ads (5 minutes +/-)

One of the biggest mistakes new bloggers make is to saturate their blog with advertisements. You really don’t need these and most likely you are not making any sales right now. Most likely you are missing out on potential subscribers to your newsletter because they are getting turned off by all the advertisements and ‘selling’ going on.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, remove them until your traffic gets WAY up there. You can still link to individual products and services within your blog posts using soft selling techniques. Once you start getting bigger you can start to introduce advertisements. You will end up making way more money in the long run by offering related products and services as they are relevant to your blog posts or creating products of your own and possibly even consulting.

As I stated in my prior post, I was inspired by Corbett Barr to rewrite one of his newsletter posts, you can find out more about how he monetizes his blog here.

When your blog is new, one of the worst things you can do is to plaster advertisements all over the place. If your blog is small, those ads won’t earn you more than a few bucks, but could be costing you big. You’ll turn off readers and stunt your growth during your critical formative months.

For now, take down all your ads and focus on growing your readership and newsletter subscriptions.

#12: Create a Facebook Fan Page (60 minutes +/-)

We all know how important social media is, and Facebook is one of the best places to set up a presence for your business or blog. You can easily do this by setting up a Facebook fan page for your website.

Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income blog (Watch my interview with Pat at : Episode 2: Pat Flynn Interview about Smart Passive Income) created an excellent Blogger’s Guide to Facebook where you can learn everything you need to know about how to use Facebook effectively. You can watch his short video on how to set up a fan page here.

You should set up your page and link to it from your website as soon as possible. You can also put links to the fan page within all your social profiles. Later I will tell you how to use HootSuite to automatically post your blog posts to all your social profiles. So do this now and you will be ready for that later.

#13: Update Your Outposts Regularly (10 minutes daily +)

Outposts are very important to your blog. If you imagine your blog as the center of your marketing hub, outposts are all the fingers that help to capture additional traffic and visitors. You can outpost all your blog posts to places like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin to find and interact with new readers where they are already visiting.

In addition to posting the most recent blog posts to these social networks, you also want to make sure to comment and interact with your viewers at those locations.

Set a schedule to interact with those in your social circles and to answer questions or make additional comments. By studying examples of others within your space, you will find how to do this effectively.

#14: Test out New Content Format (90 minutes +/-)

I really enjoy following Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, and one thing I learned quickly from him is to ‘Be Everywhere’. By producing content across multiple platforms you will extend your reach and find additional viewers and readers of your blog.

There are a number of different formats you can try. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new today. Below is a list of ideas, try a new one today. Give another one a try next week.

  • Video
  • Audio
  • E-Books
  • Workbooks
  • 2000 words or more
  • 400 words or less
  • Interviews

It really doesn’t matter what you pick, the key here is to try different content formats and maybe you will find something that you love. I love video because it is easier to rank and get traffic when competing with a very saturated market. When I launced How To Earn Money .TV I stepped way out of my comfort zone, created a public channel on ROKU and started creating video content for Roku, iTunes, YouTube and my blog. The results have been amazing and I have had millions of views and the blog has been profitable since its launch.

#15: Write down your Goals, Inspirations and Qualifications (10 minutes +)

Why do you blog or market to a specific audience or topic? You probably have a lot of reasons why you have decided to blog or create content for a specific audience, but there is one reason that has to be at the top of your list if you are really looking to grow an epic business.

You must have a desire to help and/or entertain people.

If you are not helping or entertaining, why would someone continue to visit your blog? Your blog is there for you to provide value, create inspiration, solve problems, address needs, fulfill desires and possibly enlighten your audience. Whatever your personal reasons for creating your content, that needs to take a back seat and you must always focus on delivering value to your audience.

Write down goals, inspiration and qualifications:

  1. Write down all the goals you have for your blog. It can be for money, fame, recognition… really whatever they are. You know what they are. Just think about it for a while and drill it down.
  2. Write down all the reasons why you decided to write the blog or create the content.
  3. What are your unique qualifications? Are you an expert? Is this a hobby or something you are looking to learn something about and share your experiences along the way?
  4. Now look at all your answers. If one of your goals is not to help your audience, then you should reevaluate your motivation and the topic you are blogging on. The same thing goes for the reasons why you decided to create this blog or content. If you really don’t care about it, maybe you should consider another topic. Finally, if you are not qualified or an expert in the topic you are blogging about, do you have a really unique method that provides value for your readers? If not, you should really reevaluate your motivations and your topic.

#16: Rant About Something (60 minutes +/-)

When I started ranting about the poor state of the appraisal profession and the dog-eat-dog mentality of fellow appraisers, my blog Appraiser Income exploded with new readers and it became instantly profitable. I went from discussing industry information, news and events with the occasional hard sell for appraisal related products and services to blasting appraisers that were against helping each other and companies that were hurting the profession and I saw instant results and the interactions with my readers went through the roof.

Through my occasional rants I was able to make a big impression on my readers and form much stronger relationships with them. I later went on to write an article for FeedFront magazine about ‘How becoming human completely changed my business’. It opened a lot of doors for me in the industry as well. I was invited to speak at appraiser conventions and provide additional information to articles related to our industry and formed a relationship with one appraiser that later turned in to a 6 figure partnership.

The key here is to be constructive, just calling out the bad guys will most likely hurt your reputation. Use the steps below to come up with a good rant that you can use from time to time.

  • Be Constructive. Write about something that can be improved in one way or another.
  • Be Consistent. Rant about something that bothers you in the industry. Are there things other people are thinking and just not saying? Don’t be afraid to rock the boat.
  • Be Passionate. You must be passionate and sincere for it to make a difference. Don’t just choose an opposite view just because it is opposite. You want your passion to show through in your content.
  • Let it Flow. Just write freely, let all your emotions come out and edit when you are finished.
  • Review the Responses. If you get many complaints about your post, then you might have gone a little too far, if you get a lot of shares and people agreeing with you, then you might have opened up a whole new discussion that can go on for months and possibly years. If you did blow it, just keep it in mind when you do your next rant and try to identify where you went wrong the first time.

#17: Interview An Expert (90 minutes +)

You won’t have all the answers when you first start a new blog. Your visitors don’t expect you to either and you should give yourself plenty of time to find your unique voice and USP.

One of the best ways to dive right in is to interview experts in your niche. You can find them online, locally or through meetup groups and do a short interview with them to share with your audience.

Watch similar videos on YouTube to find a good technique that you will be comfortable with. Don’t be shy and dull. Make sure you are prepared.

I would suggest starting with the most influential person within your Niche. For example, when I decided to build How To Earn Money .TV, I always knew I wanted Pat Flynn to be one of my very first interviews. I actually interviewed him before I launched the blog! He is one of the most inspirational teachers within my space of helping others to make money online and create passive income streams. If you can identify a similar type of person within your niche, most likely they will find the time for you if approached properly.

Interviewing an expert can be a great way to provide incredible content for your viewers and give you a little street credibility by your readers associating you with the expert. It can also help you create a relationship with the interviewee and possibly open more doors in the future.

Try to keep your first interview short to maybe 30 minutes and allow plenty of time for editing and posting. Keep it simple.

#18: Create a Content Plan Weekly (30 minutes +/- weekly)

If you go about creating content without a plan, you are definitely going to fail. You will be way more productive and create far better content, consistently by planning your upcoming content weekly.

How to create your content plan:

  1. Set aside at least 30 minutes each week at the same time, same day.
  2. Review your blog or show ideas (I keep all those in evernote) – weed out the bad ideas, prioritize the good ones.
  3. Break down you blog or show ideas in to categories like Interviews, Ask Readers, Monthly Reports, Quick Tips, Epic Posts. Review your prior posts to determine which ones were the best ones and which ones failed. This will help you decide to write about those topics again in the future.
  4. Create an outline for the next couple weeks or month. By going back to this plan every week, you will be able to make adjustments when needed depending on the feedback you get from your audience.

#19: Ask for a Critique (60 minutes +/-)

Sometimes you just don’t see what is right in front of your eyes. Especially if you spend the last 100 hours creating a new website, building a blog, creating massive amounts of content… etc… You need an outside opinion of your blog or content.

Nobody likes to hear if something they made sucks or that needs some major improvements, but the sooner you do it, and the more frequently you do it, the better you will be in the long run.

I would suggest to go for three different perspectives to give you a good idea on what should be improved right off the back.

Ask a Friend – a good friend won’t hold back, but they might be a little over critical.

Ask a Expert / Colleague – they will provided deeper insight if they have the time. Let them know you value their opinion and will help them out in any way that you can. Make sure to thank them sincerely and maybe even take them out for a drink or dinner if possible.

Ask a Consultant – Sometimes hiring a professional service like a blog critique from Chris G or a design review from Reese will open your eyes to many areas that are in need of improvement.

#20: Ask Your Audience (60 minutes +/-)

There are a number of ways you provide value to your readers and create a community. By interacting with them with comments, in blog posts and even videos and podcasts, they feel the sincerity of your offerings and information and lead to further interactions and opportunities.

If you want more comments on your content, the easiest way to do that is to write about topics that has multiple answers and by encouraging your visitors to interact. Don’t force your readers to side with your opinion, but leave an open door that will get readers involved.

Most importantly – Ask for your readers’ opinions.

You can even create a weekly or monthly questions post where you go through and answer questions that were sent in to you or to expand on an interaction that you had with a reader through the comments section.

This is a very powerful technique to get your audiences attention and involvement. Use it.

What do you think I left off my list? Do you agree with my 20 tips? Have you tried any of them?

Thanks again to Corbett over at Think Traffic for his inspiration. Some day I hope to be a Marketing Expert like he is!

I think I am on to day 4 of my blogging challenge right now. I am trying to get in to a habit of blogging daily and creating weekly video content again since falling off the ‘blogging wagon’ a month ago.

Just remember when you are looking to make money online that you are going to run in to hurdles along the way, you are going to make mistakes and there will be failures. I was completely sidetracked by a death in the family. I went from being very inspired to staying on top of my blog, creating new and fresh content and trying new things every week to doing nothing in one day.

It took me a while to get my inspiration back and mark it up as a minor set back. Life happens and life goes on.

When you get down in the dumps, take the time that you need, reorganize your action plan and hit it hard. You will get that feeling back along with the desire to succeed. Just don’t give up!

So for today, just pick one of the tasks and DO IT! You will be even more motivated tomorrow.

But before you leave, please comment below.


Bryan Knowlton

How To Earn Money .TV

Build A Better Blog

10 Things You Can Do Today to Build a Better Blog

You can continue to do your ‘market research’ or read more about ‘building a better blog’ and even finding more tips and advice on how to earn money online, but NONE of that will matter unless you TAKE ACTION.

If you already have your blog built, then you are way ahead of the game, stop spending time on things that don’t work and put your laser focus on the item’s that do.

I have created a two part blog post on how to build a better blog today, each will have 10 easy steps you can take. This will make it super easy for you to tackle in as little as 10 to 15 minutes, some steps might take a little bit longer.

Set a goal to finish all the steps. The more you do, the better off your blog will be.

Most likely you have completed some of these by now, but if you haven’t, wrap it up! If you have more tips, please share them with the rest of us at the bottom of this post by clicking on add a comment.

#1: Build an Email List (20 minute set up)

This is one of the most important steps you can make when looking to earn money online. Everyone I know that has been making money online have always stated they wish they started collecting emails years before they actually figured out how to use them. Most of those same people are making the most income off of their mailing list. So don’t hesitate, get one started today. If you don’t start using it tomorrow, I guarantee you will be soon enough. Put it in place today.

Start building an email list in only 20 minutes or less:

  1. Sign up for an email marketing account at Aweber.
  2. Create your Sign-Up form. Use these You can get instructions and tips HERE.
  3. Add the sign-up form to your blog. Most people put it over to the right on their side-bar, but I like to put one on the side bar and at the bottom of every page. Don’t forget your about page as well.
  4. Add a FREE Give Away. A great way to build your list is by offering a free give away to people subscribing to your list. I tend to offer information products and videos that people would normally pay for. Just make sure to offer something, you will see far better results.

Whatever you do, do not hesitate starting an email list. Not only can you use the list to market to the people on your list, you can use it to inform your readers of special posts and videos that are added to your blog. Some people never sell to their list, they just use it as another tool to get repeat visits from their readers.

There are many different ways to use your list:

  • New blog post notification (or you can send out the last 3, etc…)
  • Special announcements and offers
  • Scheduled sequence of emails (30 day programs, etc…)

Make sure to checkout Aweber and set up your account and list today.

#2: Keep a List of Potential Posts / Ideas (10 Minutes +/-)

I use Evernote to organize my future blog post ideas. This will keep you from getting writers block and is not hard to get started. Evernote is easy to set up and is available on every mobile device and can easily synch to any computer.

You can really use anything including a simple notepad, email or Google doc, but the key here is to get started recording these thoughts. You can’t remember everything!

You will be VERY happy you have this list when you are under a squeeze to get a post out.

#3: Add a Facebook “Like” Button to your Posts (15 Minutes +/-)

People love to share good posts, and passing up on the opportunity of getting your article shared with potentially thousands of others with a click of a button is totally insane!!!

The only way you are going to get them to share your content is by making it SUPER EASY for them to do so.

  1. Visit Facebooks How-To on Adding a Like Button
  2. Pick the style for the Like Button – there are a few settings to choose from.
  3. Get the Code and Copy it into your page anywhere you want it.
  4. Plug-Ins are available to automatically add all the social share and like buttons to your new posts, but make sure they are well trusted, have great reviews and you might consider a premium one to avoid possible security leaks.


#4: Add a Twitter Retweet Button (15 Minutes +/-)

Now that you have set up the Facebook Like button you don’t want to miss out on the potential traffic you can get from twitter. It is just as easy to set up and won’t take long to add the retweet button to your posts.

Twitter is another huge potential source of traffic for your blog. This site receives hundreds of visitors every month from Twitter, and it takes very little time to gain those benefits. First go and visit the Twitter Retweet Button configuration page and copy the code provided for your retweet button and paste it into your posts. You can also edit your theme to add it to each post or use a plug-in to do this. Just remember to keep those plug-ins updated!

#5: Compile a List of Every Blogger In Your Niche (30 minutes +/-)

One of the best ways to gain authority is to become friends with as many fellow bloggers in your Niche.

You might think you are siding with the competition or possibly lose some of your viewers to others within your niche, but the fastest way to become an authority and gain additional viewers is to become friends with those within your niche. Most bloggers these days like to help each other out with content creation and comments which will open doors to future opportunities and partnerships.

Again, I like to use Evernote to keep track of this information in a very easy to find format, but you can keep this information in a simple text file or google document. Don’t just list the a-listers, but all those that show up on the first couple pages of google results when searching for your primary keywords. Add the term blog to your search terms and you might find more. Put the most important and accessible bloggers first and the ones you can relate with the most.

Depending on the size of your Niche, you might end up with a very focused list of similar bloggers, but on others you might need to focus more on marketing bloggers or those loosely related to your niche.

Your goal is to start contacting these people through their blogs, Facebook or Twitter and strike up conversations with them. Do not look for reciprocal relationships to begin with, just let them know you are a follower and a fan and make relevant comments related to their message. In time you hope to form a friendly relationship and ideas will flow from there. If you write great epic content, you might have the possibility of doing a guest post on their blog or sponsor an email message that is sent out to their email list. The possibilities are endless once you form a strong relationship with them.

#6: Add Some Social Proof to Your Blog (15 minutes +/-)

One of the top indicators for an Authority Website is by showing Social proof. Everyone loves to hop on the gravy train and when people see that others are doing something positive, they are more likely to do the same thing themselves. If people see that thousands of people are subscribing to your newsletter or podcast, they will most likely do the same thing themselves.

In the beginning it might be difficult to show social proof as you do not have a large group of followers. Showing your visitors that you have 20 people signed up to your newsletter can send a negative message to potential viewers. In this example you might want to show the number of twitter followers you have or how many Facebook fan page subscribers if you have impressive numbers there. Sometimes you just have to wait to show Social Proof.

It is easy to set up your social proof display on your blog.

  • First decide what you want to display. Avoid numbers less than 500 unless you have a very micro niche.
  • Add an RSS subscriber display through Feedburner if you are using this service. Look for the FeedCount link under the ‘publicize’ tab.
  • Add a Twitter, Facebook or Aweber subscriber count. You can get plug-ins to display this information and also get the links directly from Twitter, Facebook and Aweber and add as a widget. is easy to set up and is free.
  • Once you get your Twitter or RSS widget configured, placing the code within a sidebar text widget is the easiest way to get it on your website.

#7: Create your USP – Unique Selling Proposition (30 minutes +/-)

You only have a few seconds to capture a viewers or readers attention. You have to anser their question “why should I read your blog instead of the hundreds (or thousands) of other choices out there?” and you only have seconds to do this.

To provide a great answer, think of why they are visiting your website, what they are looking for and how you are providing this information differently from the thousands of similar blogs out there.

Corbett Barr over at Think Traffic creeated a very unique guide to help you find your unique selling proposition, you should start by reading his post: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition.

Once you have created your USP, you need to let your visitors know it in a very prominent spot on your website. You can place it in your tagline, in the sidebar of your blog and/or within each blog post as a signature and on your about page. You will also want to remind your visitors regularly of your USP through your blog posts, podcast or vidcast.

I quote it in many different ways throughout my website, but my USP for How To Earn Money .TV is:

With over 20 years of making money online, I will teach you how to Earn Money Online through step-by-step video tutorials and interviews with industry experts.

#8: Learn the Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques (SEO Basics) (60 minutes +/-)

Is SEO dead? I hear this question all the time. It is a really good one, but I don’t see anything telling me that it has died, even with the most recent algorithm updates made by Google. The key here is to stick with ‘natural’ SEO and not try to game the system or results. The idea here is to make it easier for the Search Engines to identify your content and make it easier to find by people looking for that content.

Just by learning the basics, you will properly set up your website to be both identified by it’s primary keywords and long-tail keywords.

The guys over at SEOMoz created a 10 chapter beginners guide to SEO. You should definitely check that out before you begin. You can find it here: The Beginners Guide To SEO. Another great resource is from Think Traffic : The Simple SEO Strategy You Can Build an Empire Around (Complete With Beginner’s Intro to SEO)

Just remember, although you might focus 100% on getting more Google traffic, by optimizing your website, not only will your Google traffic increase, so will the traffic you get from the hundreds to thousands of other search engines, directories and websites that find you because of your optimized content.

A couple notes to remember, the quickest way of losing the Google love is by over optimizing a website or building a website primarily to get better ‘Google Rankings’ and/or using black hat methods. The best way to get more traffic and Google love is to provide high value content for your potential readers/followers/fans on a consistent basis.

#9: Provide a Call to Action (5 minutes +/-)

One of the best ways to get visitors, sales or a larger email list is by creating a call to action. You just ask them exactly what you want or need.

Looking for more email subscribers? Ask them to subscribe.

Want more retweets? Ask them to retweet your post.

Want to make more sales? Ask them to buy it and tell them why they should.

You don’t want to go crazy always asking your readers to do something, but it doesn’t hurt to have one call to action each post. At the end of each of my videos I go a little crazy by asking them to subscribe to my newsletter and let them know they can rate me in iTunes and YouTube if they are looking to participate and help out the show so I can continually produce more content for them to enjoy.

Try this in your next blog post. If you are providing valuable content and you ask politely using a call to action, most likely your visitors will be happy to reciprocate.

#10: Show Your Best Side / Stuff (15 minutes)

When people visit your website, they are looking not only for the specific information they came for, but they are also looking for more information to help them to determine why they should frequent your blog vs. the hundreds or thousands of similar blogs on the internet.

You want to show them your best stuff right from the very beginning. The most common place that other websites display this information is in the side bar. You can easily display your most viewed or commented upon content on your website with available plug-ins or you can use a text widget and provide links and descriptions to the content you would like first time visitors to see.

If you really want them to stand out, put them in the header, if you are only getting started and do not have a ton of content, you might just start off with links to your most recent posts.

Thank you! You are a very valued reader!

I hope you enjoyed this post on Building a Better Blog, I will be posting 10 more ideas tomorrow and will most likely add this information to my newsletter over the next couple weeks. So make sure to sign up to the newsletter to get additional tips and advice for making money online and to be notified when a new video tutorial or interview is posted to How To Earn Money .TV.

Thanks again to Corbett Barr from Think Traffic for providing the inspiration to write this blog post as I have been a follow of his for years.

Remember, the key is to get started today!!! So don’t hesitate. If you have not started your blog yet, head right over to BlueHost, get one of their specials, do the 1 click wordpress install and JUST DO IT! If you already have a blog, implement these changes today and I will have 10 more for you tomorrow!

Take care everyone!

Bryan Knowlton

How To Earn Money .TV

Don't get your Wordpress Hacked

Free WordPress Scheduled Back-Up System and Why You Should Do It!

Don’t get caught with your pants down!

By now you have probably either heard about or found out the hard way about the Massive and World Wide attacks on wordpress blogs this past April.  A large botnet with over 90,000 servers participated in the attack, cycling through thousands of usernames and passwords and gaining access to thousands of blogs worldwide.  You might not even know if someone has gained access to your blog yet as most of the attacks were not caught or traced.

Many of the attacks were found when more than 100,000 attempts were being made to the blogs during these brute force attacks.  In some cases the attacks completely crashed servers or making the websites run extremely slow during the attack.

#1 Keep Plug-Ins and Plug-Ins Updated at All Times

I have had a number of my WordPress blogs hacked in the past, most of them were due to plug-ins that were not properly updated and had security leaks.  It is always very important to keep plug-ins and your WordPress updated at all times.  This is the #1 security leak by not having updated versions of the software or plug-ins.

#2 Create Very Secure Passwords

Almost everyone uses Admin for one of their usernames in WordPress, make sure to either change both the username and passwords as well as use a VERY secure password.  1 capital letter, some lower case letters, a few numbers and a ‘special symbol’ like ~!@#$%^&*().

#3 Schedule Weekly Back-Ups of Your WordPress Blogs (FREE)

You should always have a good back-up of your WordPress Database at all times, it will make it quite a bit easier to get your website restored if you are hacked.  I also like to back-up the whole website via FTP from time to time.  I use WordPress Database BackupIt is free and very simple to use and will email the database information to you.  I would not save it to the server as this could be deleted if your server is wiped clean or you have a hard drive crash with no back-up

#4 Use a Premium Back-Up Plug-In For Added Security

If you want to be 100% protected, I would suggest getting a plug-in like BackupBuddy.  I heard about this from Corbett Barr over at Think Traffic.  I am not sure how long his coupon code will last, but you can get 33% off when using the code ‘CORBETT33’.  You can find out more about BackupBudd here.

It is very simple to set up and you get up to 1GB free storage to store your data.  You can also schedule regular backups.  They recommend daily database-only backups and weekly FULL backups.  Again, you can store this with the free storage that is provide, send the data to another server like Amazon, Dropbox, and some other places.

Restoring your website with BackupBuddy is super easy.  You simly upload the backup file along with a import file to your your server.  You will then verify some basic information and the restoration will begin.

If you do not have a secure password, fix that RIGHT NOW, then sign up for a back-up service or do it yourself manually.  You will be very happy you have a back up if your website gets hacked.  In my cases, the password was not the problem, it was an insecure plug-in.  So you can never be 100% protected.  But by having a good back up, you will be ready for anything that comes your way.

Happy Blogging!

Bryan Knowtlon

How To Earn Money .TV




Google Affiliate Network Closes

Google Affiliate Network Closing 10/31/2013


I received an email from Google a couple minutes ago stating that their Google Affiliate Network (GAN) is retiring.

Services will be stopped 07/31/2013 and fully terminated by 10/31/2013.

Of course Adsense will still be available to affiliate marketers looking to make money online with Google, but their advertising network is being closed down.


I don’t know how Google, who really took ad revenue to a new level with their PPC advertising and PPC affiliate program messed up so bad. If anyone could run a powerhouse affiliate network, you would think Google would be able to pull it off.

It will be interesting to hear more news on why this happened, but I have a feeling that their system was either too difficult to use, that they did not like dealing with vendors and possibly even working with affiliates themselves and making sure all aspects of the TOS were taking place when making money with Google online.

Now I have to hunt down my links and remove them… Luckily I did not get too heavy in to the Google Affiliate Network.

Bryan Knowlton