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Ross Goldberg - Video Marketer Software

Episode 24: Interview with Ross Goldberg on his Video Marketer Software

I recently purchased a copy of Ross’ Video Marketer software and really liked it so I decided to contact him to do an interview. He was game, so we set up a video interview in Skype where he lays out all the details with how he got started online after going from being a gang […]

CTRtard - Interview

Episode 23: Interview with CTRtard on Advanced Affiliate Marketing

In this interview I interview Mark, also known as CTRtard, about the tools that he creates to help affiliate marketers conduct better research and make more money online. He discusses the current projects and software he is working on and gives us an introduction to split testing and media buys. Mark is the Head ToolMaster […]

Corbett Barr Interview -

Episode 22: Corbett Barr of Think Traffic, and How to Start a Blog that Matters

In this interview Corbett tells us how he got started making money online, what led to the creation of Think Traffic, Fizzle, Expert Enough, Traffic School and How to Start a Blog that Matters. His blogs and online courses are visited by over 100,000 people every month.  Wow! Over the years, Corbett has been teaching people […]

Mike Koenigs Interview

Episode 21: Mike Koenigs of InstantCustomer, TrafficGeyser, Main St Marketing and more!

I have been looking to interview Mike Koenigs for a while now. I originally got to know a lot about him after researching and using the Traffic Geyser video sharing software. This software makes it really easy to distribute your video content to multiple video sharing platforms. It really saves me a lot of time […]

internet business mastery interview-sm

Episode 20: Jeremy Frandsen interview from Internet Business Mastery – The Academy

In this episode I interview Jeremy Frandsen of the Internet Buseness Mastery on how The Academy can help you create an internet based business and Earn Money Online! I am also a member of the academy and just love it. I have been a member of The Academy for a while now and have […]

Entrepreneur on Fire - John Lee Dumas

Episode 19: Interview with John Lee Dumas of Entreprenuer on Fire

  We lit the place on fire! In this interview with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire we find out the motivating factor that took John Dumas from being a Commercial Real Estate broker to a full time podcaster. With well over 250 episodes under his belt, John has been providing a daily podcast […]

Make Money on YouTube

Episode 18: YouTube Superstar Zach King, aka FinalCutKing Interview

After spending hours watching his hilarious YouTube videos I was totally blown away after noticing the producer, FinalCutKing had over 290,000 subscribers and tens of millions of video views in only the past few years. I decided I would reach out and see if he was interested in doing an interview to explain how he […]

Niche Site Duel Announcement

Episode 17: Niche Site Duel Announcement and More!

In this video episode I talk about the upcoming Niche Site Duel 2 that Pat Flynn is running over on his website Smart Passive Income.  Most of my blog posts lately are about this since I will be following along with the niche site duel and I recently created a forum for people to join […]

How To Do a YouTube External Website Link

Episode 16: How To Video Tutorial: YouTube External Linking

This tutorial will show you how to link to a website from within your YouTube channel. No additional software needed and no risk of losing your YouTube Account! YouTube has created the Associated Website annotation link for you to use. What You Need A Google Account + YouTube Channel Your Own Website Verify Ownership of […]

Episode 10 - Earn Money Online - Interview with Rob Merlino the HotDogMan

Episode 15: Interview with the HotDogMan

At the most recent Affiliate Summit Convention in Las Vegas, I was interviewed by the HotDogMan. He was conducting interviews with people and wanting to know if they put ketchup on their hot dogs. I was intrigued that this guy was just walking around the show floor with a video camera and tripod and interviewing […]

1 & 1 hosting sucks

Episode 14: Affiliate Marketing and the 1&1 Web Hosting Slap

In this episode I provide a little more information on my latest and greatest income stream.  It is not completely passive, but it sure brings in the money! About 8 months ago, a fellow appraiser and I built a private marketing forum for real estate appraisers.  By sticking to a niche that we both know […]

Don Campbell Interview about Local Search Marketing

Episode 13: Local Search Marketing Interview with Don Campbell

In this episode I have an interview with Don Campbell from   I pulled him aside at the recent Affiliate Summit West 2012 convention. I was able to talk to him about the exciting opportunities entrepreneurs have with local search marketing and being a local search marketing expert. During the convention, he hosted an open […]

Episode 4a - Make Money Online

Episode 12: Currently My Biggest Income Stream

  I have been creating income streams online for a long time now, so I have built up numrous income streams over the years. Some bring in only a few hundred a month while others bring in thousands. In this episode I talk about one of my largest income streams right now My Income Streams […]

AFF Playbook Affiliate Forum

Episode 11: Interview with David Ford of AFF Playbook

I have been a member of a really great Affiliate Forum for almost a year now and was recently able to attend a private Mastermind meet-up during Affiliate Summit West 2013 hosted by David Ford, the owner and operator of AFF Playbook. During the 4 hour Mastermind, David gave the members a lot of really […]

Affiliate Summit Party

Episode 10: PARTY in Las Vegas – Affiliate Summit West 2013

It has been a while since I have had all nighters in Las Vegas, but Affiliate Summit West 2013 had so many private meet-ups and hosted parties that I found myself out almost every night until the crack of dawn. I really took advantage of all the networking opportunities at this years Affiliate Summit West.  […]

Jeremy Shoemoney Shoemaker Interview - Affiliate Summit West 2012

Episode 9: Interview with Affiliate Expert Shoemoney

Jeremy Shoemaker is possibly one of the most well know affiliate marketers on the internet. I had the opportunity at a recent Affiliate Summit West convention to interview Jeremy – better known as Shoemoney. He has been one of the top affiliate marketers and is very popular due to his famous Google Adwords affiliate commission […]

ASW13 - Affiliate Summit

Episode 8: On my way to Vegas! Affiliate Summit 2013

I thought I would shoot a small video about the upcoming Affiliate Summit West 2013 convention in Las Vegas.  If you are a beginner or intermediate affiliate marketer, this really is the place to be!  Not only can you learn a ton of great information in all of the sessions, the network opportunities really seems […]

Episode 3a - Make Money Online

Episode 7: Setting Goals and Chunking

In this episode I talk about the benefits of setting realistic goals and organizing your TO-DO list in to easy to manage chunks.  I also talk about some Mind Mapping software that will help you organize your thoughts so you have an easy to follow game plan to earn money online. You Need to Set […]

Install WordPress In Minutes

Episode 6: How to Install a WordPress Blog in Minutes

There are many reasons to use WordPress as the foundation for your websites.  You can easily set it up as a static website or in the blog format where you have exerpts of your recent blog posts on your main page which usually links to additional categories of blog posts.  The best reason to set […]

Gideon Shalwick - Video Marketing Expert

Episode 5: Gideon Shalwick and Rapid Video Blogging

I was finally able to wrangle Gideon Shalwick down and talk to him about his Rapid Video Blogging system and the free 92 page report he is giving away for free.  He has inspired me for years and one of the main reasons I decided to get in to video blogging instead of the more […]

Keyword Research Tutorial

Episode 4: Keyword Research Tutorial

Why Conduct Keyword Research? I hope at this point you are ready to just dive in and get started earning money online, but one of the first steps before you start any project online is to conduct keyword research.  You will be doing keyword research to identify a niche, when you are preparing to write […]

Episode 2b - Make Money Online

Episode 3: Two Easy Methods to Make Money Online

In this episode I show you two simple techniques I have used to make money online. I have used this methods in the past, but they are still valid today.  They are not exactly passive income methods, although reviewing Amazon products can continue to become a passive income stream if you are getting enough traffic […]

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income

Episode 2: Pat Flynn Interview about Smart Passive Income

This is my all time favorite interview with Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income Blog and Podcast Probably one of the most popular affiliate marketers out there is Pat Flynn.  I have always wanted to interview him from the time that I heard about him and I was finally able to take some time […]

Episode 1 - Make Money Online

Episode 1: How To Earn Money Online – The Introduction

In this episode, I’ll explain my background and describe what to expect from upcoming shows. With my step-by-step video tutorials I will show you how to make money online.   Looking for the magic bullet?  There is no magic bullet. Howdy! I’m Bryan Knowlton with In Episode 1, I’m going to tell you a […]