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Entrepreneur on Fire - John Lee Dumas

Episode 19: Interview with John Lee Dumas of Entreprenuer on Fire


We lit the place on fire!

John Dumas - Entrepreneur on FireIn this interview with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire we find out the motivating factor that took John Dumas from being a Commercial Real Estate broker to a full time podcaster.

With well over 250 episodes under his belt, John has been providing a daily podcast show where he interviews entrepreneurs to find out about their journey, sharing their early failures, AHA moments and providing insights about the techniques that are working for them right now.  I really enjoy the five question ‘Lightning Round’ at the end of the show where we learn specific techniques the entrepreneurs have used and that encourage fans and listeners to take action.

John has interviewed over 250 successful and inspiring entrepreneurs since September of 2012, including entrepreneurs Seth Godin, Pat Flynn, Gary Vaynerchuck, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferris and more.

One question has always been racking my brain and I finally got to ask it.  It is about all those GoToMeeting and Audacity offers that podcasters frequently use.  I don’t think it takes away from his show in any way, but I thought he could make more money by offering other affiliate products and services instead of those popular programs that usually pay around 10-15% per sale.  His answer surprised me and I am sure it is going to surprise you as well!!! He is rockin!

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Enjoy and get your fire started!


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Jeremy Shoemoney Shoemaker Interview - Affiliate Summit West 2012

Episode 9: Interview with Affiliate Expert Shoemoney

Jeremy Shoemaker is possibly one of the most well know affiliate marketers on the internet. I had the opportunity at a recent Affiliate Summit West convention to interview Jeremy – better known as Shoemoney. He has been one of the top affiliate marketers and is very popular due to his famous Google Adwords affiliate commission check. He has been making money online and sharing his experiences online for over 10 years now.

I have been following from the beginning of his career by checking out his posts on the various affiliate message boards, listening to his podcasts on webmaster radio and frequently checking his blog posts. Back then he was one of the first websites to show up when searching for ‘make money online’ in the search engines.

You can see historic google check below for $132,000. Everyone was amazed, he was rocking the system and google loved him for it.

Shoemoney Adsense Commission Check – Earn Money Online

In the interview at Affiliate Summit, Shoemoney gave us some background on how he got in to the industry, how he started making money online and why his keynote will most likely be the last keynote he is ever going to do at a convention. Is Shoemoney retiring? No, but you will have to listen to find out what this is all about!

You can find out more about Shoemoney and what he has been up to lately at http://www.shoemoney.com/

Thanks again for watching! Enjoy!

Bryan Knowlton

p.s. – Though I would share my amazing Google check!