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Episode 4a - Make Money Online

Episode 12: Currently My Biggest Income Stream


I have been creating income streams online for a long time now, so I have built up numrous income streams over the years. Some bring in only a few hundred a month while others bring in thousands. In this episode I talk about one of my largest income streams right now

My Income Streams

I started a blog about 5 years ago where I blog about industry news and topics related to real estate appraisers. The blog is located at Appraiserincome.com and this is one of my best ones right now. This is also one of the first blogs where I really started from scratch and I really took my time to build it out. I did not know which direction I was going to take it in the beginning and of course I started off with hard selling. Eventually I decided to work my personality in to the blog and focused on delivering good content. The change really increased the sales on my blog and it has become a huge success, especially over the past couple of years.

If you are an expert in an area or have a lot of knowledge about a certain topic, there is almost always a way to montetize it. You can offer affiliate programs or create a directory of services, products and providers to make it easy to locate the information in your area of expertise.

That is essentially what I did with AppraiserIncome.com and it has provided a great income over the past 3-4 years. Although it is no longer my greatest income stream, it did lead me in the direction to produce my largest income stream yet! I will be providing more on that ‘new business’ later.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

Bryan Knowlton



Episode 4a - Make Money Online

Episode 12: My Biggest Income Stream Right Now


I have been creating income streams online for a long time now, so I have built up numrous income streams over the years.  Some bring in only a few hundred a month while others bring in thousands.  In this episode I talk about one of my largest income streams right now

My Income Streams

I started a blog about 5 years ago where I blog about industry news and topics related to real estate appraisers.  The blog is located at Appraiserincome.com and this is one of my best ones right now. This is also one of the first blogs where I really started from scratch and I really took my time to build it out. I did not know which direction I was going to take it in the beginning and of course I started off with hard selling.  Eventually I decided to work my personality in to the blog and focused on delivering good content.  The change really increased the sales on my blog and it has become a huge success, especially over the past couple of years.

If you are an expert in an area or have a lot of knowledge about a certain topic, there is almost always a way to montetize it.  You can offer affiliate programs or create a directory of services, products and providers to make it easy to locate the information in your area of expertise.

That is essentially what I did with AppraiserIncome.com and it has provided a great income over the past 3-4 years.  Although it is no longer my greatest income stream, it did lead me in the direction to produce my largest income stream yet!  I will be providing more on that ‘new business’ later.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

Bryan Knowlton



Episode 3a - Make Money Online

Episode 7: Set Some Goals and Chunk Em Down

Before you get started in your Quest to Make Money Online – Set Some Goals!

When you are getting started, I really suggest getting organized, set aside some work space and start working on your goals and to-do list.  This sounds pretty simple, but a lot of people skip this whole step because they just want to get started.  That is a bad plan.  That is no plan at all.

Set goals to succeed

Being an entrepreneur it is sometimes difficult to focus and things just never get done.  We are easily distracted and people and shiny-objects are always competing to take our attention away at the task on hand.

When I start on a new project, I usually start with some main goals with dates for when I want to get the goals completed.  I then move on to creating a to-do list of tasks from the primary list of goals.  But I break my to-do list into a series of very small tasks, some that only take a few minutes to complete.  This is called chunking.

Chunking will help you complete your tasks.

For a quick example, lets imagine that I wanted to create a new blog on meteorite hunting.  My primary goal would be to complete this task in 2 months.  I am giving myself extra time because not only do I want the project to be 100% complete, but I also am going to do some outsourcing.  I might set additional goals at this time to get a certain number of people signed up to my opt-in newsletter or maybe make some sales, but they would all take place after the first goal.

To complete the first task I could easily create a quick to do list:

  1. buy domain name
  2. build website
  3. get articles written
  4. create free product for newsletter opt-in
  5. add some affiliate links

I can use some mind-mapping software like MindMeister (You can get it for free at usemindmapping.com), or I can start clunking the tasks down in to much more detailed steps right from the beginning.  This way I won’t get confused on what I need to do next.

So in the first task: buy domain name

  • I would break this down in to the following steps:
  • Keyword research for high traffic
  • search for available domain names
  • search expired domain names
  • check pee-owned domain names
  • register or buy domain name

When you have everything broken down, at least the initial tasks, GET STARTED!

The key to making money online is to GET STARTED!

Bryan Knowlton

Episode 3a - Make Money Online

Episode 7: Setting Goals and Chunking

In this episode I talk about the benefits of setting realistic goals and organizing your TO-DO list in to easy to manage chunks.  I also talk about some Mind Mapping software that will help you organize your thoughts so you have an easy to follow game plan to earn money online.

You Need to Set Goals to Earn Money Online

As an entrepreneur you know it is sometimes difficult to stay on focused and it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to be completed.  Bright and shiny objects come along all the time taking our focus away from the tasks at hand and causing distractions.

By staying focused, creating simple to follow to-do lists and creating a mindmap of your project, you will get your tasks completed on time.  Just remember to focus on one project at a time as this will increase the odds of you actually finish a project instead of being left with a bunch of unfinished projects.

Since I have been making money online for a while now, I tend to focus my main goals in monetary terms, like make $10 a day by July 10th, $10,000 a month on my membership site, etc..

But when you are getting started, you should focus on the tasks on hand.


Chunk, Chunk, keep Chunking away and you will complete your projects

  • You can set monetary goals, but lets start with even simpler goals.
  • Research Niches of interest
  • Make List of 10 Niches
  • Check for available domain names
  • Narrow Down List
  • Decide on 1 Niche and 1 Domain Name
  • Get Hosting and Buy Domain Name (Blue Host)
  • Install WordPress Blog
  • Etc…

The idea here is to break down the entire task so you are not sitting around wondering if you are doing things in the right order.  Eventually you will be able to break down your large tasks or goals in to smaller chunks that won’t need to be broken down further.  By that point you will know how to do the keyword research, and of course you will never buy a domain name without doing it first.

If you are going to need to outsource tasks, put that down on your list and find people to complete that portion of the project before you get there.  Also… If you have a few extra bucks, pay people to do the little tasks that you don’t have any idea on how to complete.

Recently I needed a shopping cart installed on one of my websites.  I also needed 10 products in the store and for payments to be accepted through Paypal-Pro, paypals merchant account…

I hired someone on Odesk to do it.  Saved me a TON of time and was only $100.00.  I actually wasted about 2 months just putting it on the back burner, then I finally decided not to do it myself and the task got completed in about 4 days.  There are a lot of tasks like this.  If you don’t know how to do it, pay someone that does to do it for you if you really have no idea.

Do not set arbitrary deadlines like:

1. build website by 06/01

2. produce video and share on YouTube by Monday

This just don’t work.  Believe me!  Each task you complete, you will feel great and you will be on your way to earning money online!

Mind Mapping

Another great tip that might help you is some excellent software called MindMeister. It is really simple to use and you can also find pre-made maps that will help you to publish a book, do keyword research online or create passive streams of income.  I really don’t mess around looking at everyone elses mind-maps out there, but I do use the software myself to map out my projects.

One of the best things is that my to-do lists tend to get forgotten or just too large.  The Mind Maps that you create in MindMeister look very nice and you can print them out, tack them to the wall and just start going down the list.  You can also open up the map at any time to add and remove steps.  You can easily create a project flowchart and assign parts to other people if you have others working on your project.

I hope that gives you some good ideas on getting organized, setting goals, chunking your to-do list down and possibly even using mind-mapping software like MindMeister.

Working on the next episode right now, so I have to run!

Bryan Knowlton

Gideon Shalwick - Video Marketing Expert

Episode 5: Podcast Interview with Gideon Shalwick

I was dying to interview Gideon Shalwick about creating videos, video blogging and his FREE 92 page Rapid Video Blogging ebook.  After finding his videos all around the internet, really all over the place, I knew that I would focus on video blogging instead of traditional text only blogging.

Since he is over in Australia, we decided to do an audio interview to avoid pausing skype video problems.  So to spice things up I added some silly looking Avatars, make sure to let me know what you think!!! I thought it looked pretty cool.

Gideon started 5 years ago and in that short amount of time he has become one of the most influential bloggers and video marketing expert. If you want to find out more about him visit: GideonShalwick.com and then get the 92 page Rapid Video Blogging ebook at RapidVideoBlogging.com.

In the interview we talk about the 7 steps to dominate your niche:

Step 1 – Identify the niche you would like to dominate
Step 2 – Produce high quality videos easily and FAST!
Step 3 – Create a video domination hub
Step 4 – Create powerful, response invoking content
Step 5 – Optimize your video domination hub for maximum results
Step 6 – Use some viral video magic for maximum exposure
Step 7 – Monetize $$$ your asset

They are explained in detail in the interview and in the Rapid Video Blogging ebook.

You are also really going to love the 2 page video creation checklist at the end of the book.  It will help you to get your videos and hub set up in no time.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!  Until next time, Just Do It!!!

~ Bryan Knowlton

Make Money Online Fast

First Video Tutorial Posted & How to Earn Money Online Fast

I have been getting lots of great feedback on my Keyword Research Video Tutorial and I have many more step-by-step video tutorials on the way on how to earn money online.

A lot of the feedback I am getting on the videos are coming from ROKU viewers watching the show on their TV at home.  So I wanted to remind you that you can watch all my shows on ROKU, on YouTube, iTunes and new channels for Samsung Interactive TV as well as for the iPhone and Droid are coming soon.

I will be using the email notification system when I put new shows online and you can decide where you want to watch them at that time.

I am really trying to focus on Pat Flynns ‘Be Everywhere’ philosophy that I learned over at  Smart Passive Income. Pat has a lot of good information on his website on creating passive income streams and if you missed it, make sure to watch my Interview with Pat Flynn.

You know by now that I don’t teach any ‘get rich quick’ methods, but you never know, you might get lucky and hit a gold mine.  What I focus on is putting in the hard work now to create wealth in the future.

So many people have been asking me way for ways they can make some quick money online so I though I would list some of those that have helped my viewers in the past.  I have also used some of these techniques in the past to earn some extra money online.  So if you are looking to earn an extra buck or turn them in to a full time job, just remember these are not passive income techniques, but more of a job replacement strategy.

Make Money Online Fast

  1. Selling on Ebay – This is easy to get started and you can do really well by selling collections, collectibles, games, toys, electronics, tools, old hobbies. Try listing items for people and local businesses to make a little extra money on the side or you can hunt down bargains at swap meets, garage sales and discount stores like big lots and sell that stuff online.
  2. Provide a service and make some extra cash onine at Fiverr.com.  You can do almost anything here from selling photos, making silly songs or providing services like photo editing, video editing or any other small service you are willing to sell for $5.00.  Some people make a full time living off this webiste, just check out the popular gigs and see if you can do it yourself.
  3. If you have specific skills or an expertise people are willing to pay for, check out the outsourcing service portals on Odesk or Elance. You can get paid hourly or on a per gig basis and charge whatever you feel you are worth.  The more experience you have with the website and by getting positive feedback, you will be able to gradually raise your fees and increase your income.  Take some time and look around these websites to find out what is in high demand.
  4. Article Marketing isn’t dead and you can make money writing great articles that provide value to your customer base.  You will want to do very good keyword research before writing an article you are looking to get an affiliate commission on.  You might also consider rewriting other peoples articles on a per job basis that you can find on websites like odesk or elance.  You will probably end up making more money in the long run and can easily turn this in to an employed position.

In regards to selling your expertise and services online, don’t forget the local market.  I make a good amount of money helping local businesses get rankings in the search engines by providing website building services, website hosting, google+, facebook, linkedin and YouTube creation and optimization services.

I tend to focus only on helping Real Estate Appraisers, but you can focus on service industries that you are knowledgeable about and help them to get higher rankings in their area.  So instead of selling your services only online, you can seek out businesses in your area and become a local search consultant.

Just a few ideas to help you get started earning money online!

Until next time, Just GET STARTED!  🙂

Bryan Knowlton

Keyword Research Tutorial

Episode 4: Keyword Research Tutorial

Why Conduct Keyword Research?

I hope at this point you are ready to just dive in and get started earning money online, but one of the first steps before you start any project online is to conduct keyword research.  You will be doing keyword research to identify a niche, when you are preparing to write a review on an Amazon product or when you are looking to buy a domain name or to optimize a blog post.

Keyword research helps you to avoid targeting worthless keywords and target those keywords that you will actually rank for and bring you the correct visitors.

Keywords in this tutorial are 1 word keywords up to 4-5 keyword phrases

Single Keyword: Shampoo  (very hard to rank for)

Keyword Phrase: Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo (easier and more targeted)

You are going to love this Keyword Research Tutorial

Before we get started on the keyword research tutorial I wanted to respond to some of the feedback I have been getting online.  I really believe in creating passive income streams, but also teach people how to make money online quickly through various techniques that work.

So many people are looking to make money online fast if you just need to make some extra money online. You can use some of the techniques found on this post to earn money online fast.  It is definitely worth checking out, but it is not going to create you wealth in the long run.  But it will help make ends meet!

The first step you should take to identify a Niche or when purchasing a domain name, creating a new blog, writing articles or reviews of amazon products.

Size up your competition to determine a keyword or keyword phrase you can rank for.  The goal here is to get to the top positions in Google to get the most traffic.  A website that ranks in the top 5 positions will get you traffic where a position on the 2nd page of results won’t get you much of any traffic.  I tend to focus on Google as a top ranking here will most likely result in getting top ranking positions across multiple search engines.

You can use the Google External Keyword tool to identify keywords, but you are limited with the information you receive.  But you can use it to find both the primary keywords you wish to focus on ranking for and also long tail keywords, those that are multiple keyword phrases that you can rank for, but won’t bring in as much traffic as the primary keywords.  The long tail keywords are very valuable if you are able to identify numerous phrases where you might end up getting a lot of your keyword phrases to rank you in the #1 position in Google for that phrase.

Your #1 Goal is to rank in the top position.

You can spend numerous hours conducting keyword research using the Google External keyword tool or you can spend a little money and do it much faster and store the information on your computer for future reference.

To quickly size up the competition, you want to use some keyword research software like Market Samurai.  It will save you hours when conducting keyword research and will help to immediately identify the keywords or phrases you are looking to rank for.

In this tutorial I teach you how to use Market Samurai to do keyword research to identify the most profitable and obtainable keywords and keyword search phrases by downloading your free trial and really test out the software.

The more information you can find out about your competition and the keywords they are using to rank in the search engines increases your chances for ranking for the same keywords.  Don’t focus on keywords that you most likely won’t rank for due to extreme competition, focus on those profitable keywords that will bring you traffic and potential customers.

Why should you do keyword research?

  • identify domain names for blogs or product creation
  • identify most profitable keywords for article marketing
  • find blog topics that people are interested in reading about
  • find good products to review and that people are looking for

When determining what keywords to target, you are looking at 4 factors.

  • relevance
  • traffic
  • competition
  • commerciality

Watch the video, take notes and leave me some feedback on the first tutorial for How To Earn Money TV!

Enjoy, now JUST DO IT!

Bryan Knowlton

Episode 2b - Make Money Online

Episode 3: Two Easy Methods to Make Money Online

In this episode I show you two simple techniques I have used to make money online.

I have used this methods in the past, but they are still valid today.  They are not exactly passive income methods, although reviewing Amazon products can continue to become a passive income stream if you are getting enough traffic from your pages.  Remember, you get affiliate sales from amazon no matter what products they purchase during their visit, as long as they follow your link first to get there.

On to episode 3 and I am really excited!  If you don’t have any experience making money online, then this is a great way to start.  One of the methods doesn’t even require you buying a website and setting up a blog!  Either way, you can follow these simple techniques to start making money online now.

Two Simple Techniques to earn money online

These are some easy to follow techniques that will help you to make enough extra money to possibly get some web hosting or buy some excellent keyword research sofware like Market Samurai .  I really like Market Samurai because it helps set you above your competition by helping you find the right keywords and domain name to target. 

Selling Stuff on eBay and writing Product Reviews

You might not believe it, but there is still a lot of people making a living off of ebay just by selling one product.  Of course until you find that one product, you might have to try a number of products to sell or you can just clear out all the old stuff you no longer use to make a little extra spending money.  This is not passive in any way and requires a lot of time.  But if you have the time and things to sell, you should definitely give it a try.  On the other hand if you want to jump right in to affiliate marketing, writing reviews of Amazon products has always been really popular and it is even easier to learn how to do it these days with training materials and membership sites at your disposal. 

Writing product reviews for Amazon was very popular at one point with people looking to learn affiliate marketing.  I was doing fairly well with both writing reviews and selling products on Ebay, but at one point I decided it was just too much work compared to my current income streams. My current money makers are targeted towards the Appraisal Industry and I will explain all that I am doing in my upcoming shows.

Amazonian Profit Plan

A while back I was listening to a podcast called Coffee Talk with James Martel, and he was interviewing Paula and Wanda about writing reviews for Amazon products. They went in to detail on how they start with doing research on a niche, picking products and write reviews in groups of five.

You want to focus all your time and energy on only those five and they have incredible results.  Of course this is not all they do and they wrote a book on how to make money with Amazon. Of course I instantly purchased the book: The Amazonian Profit Plan. It’s filled with tons of great information that you can really learn a lot from. One tip that they gave in their interview is that they stick to products that sell between $300 to $500 to maximize your return.

Amazon is not the only network out there selling products, but Amazon is probably the most reputable and well known network on the internet.  They also offer almost everything you can think of, so it is easy to find products and accessories to increase your sales.  They are a very trusted merchant that people tend to do a lot of shopping on Amazon.  I know I do!

Another great thing is that you can send someone to buy a camera lens, and if they decide to get a bag, a tripod, maybe even a completely different camera AND do all their Christmas shopping, you get a commission on the whole purchase!  That can add up to a pretty big commission.

I like the idea of reviewing every day products from razors to soap.  Even though this goes against the amazonian profit plan idea, a lot more people are doing all their shopping online because with Amazon Prime you don’t pay shipping and get everything within a couple days.  This is only going to get more popular.

If you really want to get started, go get a domain name at hosting at a good company like Blue Host, install a WordPress blog and start building your review site.  You are never going to learn all the steps just by reading, sometimes you just have to dive in!  Take ACTION!  You can get the book on writing amazon product reviews at AmazonianProfitReview.com.

Sell Some Stuff on Ebay

So you want to make some money today?  Ebay is a great way to do it.  It might actually take 3-7 days based on your auction lenght, but it is a great way to get started making money online. You will never forget the first dollar you make online, and it will get you thirsty for more!

As I said before, the work involved was a little too much for me to handle with my various other income streams that I really stopped selling stuff on Ebay as a residual income.  I really use it to fund my Hobby fund, I sell some of my old crap that is laying around so I can buy some new crap!  If I want the latest iPad or maybe a new laptop, I will sell a bunch of my old stuff to fund the new purchases!

Most people have a lot of extra stuff laying around – stuff they have not used for years.  I am sure you have a bunch of extra things that are of value to others that you really don’t need anymore.  Go through your stuff and make a big pile, maybe even fill an entire room and start taking photos, write down information and start searching for those products in google and ebay.  You will be surprised by how much some of your extra crap is worth!  Especially when you add it all up.  Not only will you be making some extra cash that you didn’t have, but you will be cleaning out your house at the same time.

If you are looking to make some good money on eBay, you might try looking through your OLD stuff: electronics, old games, baseball cards and old things you have collected in the past. Collectibles are always good because people are always looking to buy that stuff on ebay.  The older the better.

Anyone Can Earn Money Selling on Ebay

Mark Ostrovsky, author of the affiliate marketing bible, Get Rich Click,  mentioned that anyone can make good money on ebay by focusing on finding products from local businesses that other people throughout the country or world would want to purchase.   These can be unique items that are only available in your area.  Take a picture of the item and post an auction to see how well it sells, then go out and buy it when you have sold a product.

If you end up selling a lot of an item at that point you can work out bulk deals or special deals from the supplier to increase your profits.

Some places where you can find good products to sell on eBay

  • Local businesses selling unique local products
  • Thrift Stores
  • Big Lots
  • Garage Sales
  • Swap Meets
  • Your Garage!

I recently found a book online that focusus on becoming an eBay PowerSeller and how to make the big bucks with eBay.

EBay Fortune

When I got started selling on eBay, nobody was selling inormation like this.   Tom Barnes, an eBay PowerSeller for a long time now has published an ebook on how to sell and make money using eBay.  He gives his tips and tricks to getting a lot of views, when the best time to post an auction, the duration and many unique tips to having a better auction.

  • Tips for selling on eBay
  • Get your 10 positive feedback points asap
  • Become a Trusted Seller
  • Check the ‘Wanted Now’ section
  • Use eBay stores for upsells

He gives negotiating tips, tips to take better photos along with many others.  Some additional highlights from the book:

  • Do not set list prices blindly
  • Different ways to list your product
  • Different listing options and upsells
  • Tips on what to do and what to avoid when posting an auction
  • Auction-type format versus fixed-type format
  • Where to find listing specials

I have been selling stuff through ebay forever and never came across the types of tips and techniques that Tom Barnes offers in his book.  I suggest if you are even considering selling on eBay that you get his book.  You can find it at powerauctionsellers.com.

You are going to hear it from me time and time again, the fastest way to start earning money online is by starting today – like RIGHT NOW.  Check out these eBooks if either topic interests you, you might even get rid of some stuff that you have felt guilty about throwing away or learn how to create a blog by doing reviews on Amazon products.

Until next time – just do it!

~ Bryan Knowlton

Episode 1 - Make Money Online

Episode 1: How To Earn Money Online – The Introduction

In this episode, I’ll explain my background and describe what to expect from upcoming shows. With my step-by-step video tutorials I will show you how to make money online.


Looking for the magic bullet?  There is no magic bullet.

Howdy! I’m Bryan Knowlton with howtoearnmoney.tv. In Episode 1, I’m going to tell you a bit about my background and how I’ve made money online. I’ll tell you how long I‘ve been working at this and show you all of the various steps to take so that you can create your own income online.

When I came to the decision to teach how to make money online, I decided to reveal 100% of my techniques to let you understand what you need to do to earn money online. I will take you step-by-step, from beginning to end, through the many ways to make money online.

But I can’t do all the work for you.You will have to JUST DO IT to get started in one or more of the ways I’ve had experience making some good money online.

There is no magic. There may be a lot of ‘get rich quick’ schemes around, but I don’t believe a single one will make you rich. You might get lucky and make some cash fairly quickly, but unless you continue building on your success, most likely you are not going to get rich.

Are you willing to work hard? Do you have the will to succeed? Are you going to do whatever it takes to earn money online?

To make money online you have to be dedicated and you have to work. You won’t be sitting on the couch, channel surfing and cashing checks all day long. Personally, I always have the greatest success when I am under pressure. If you too are under pressure and want to make some serious changes for your future, now is a great time for you to learn how to earn money online.

Do you have something to offer that will solve a problem or create value?

Maybe you have some kind of skill or knowledge you could share with people and sell to them?

One of the great things about having passive income is that it gives you the ability to do whatever you want, when you want to.

A little about me

I’ve been self-employed for about 20 years. Since then, I’ve been able to take a vacation, do something with my kids, and visit my family when I wanted, not when an employer allowed me. Not reporting to a boss and setting my own hours has been great, but it involves a lot of work.

You won’t be able to do this overnight so that you’re making the big bucks tomorrow. Instead, I’ll teach you the realistic ways to make money online. At any moment I have about five to seven different streams of income coming in. I could be at the beach or on vacation and no matter what, that money is still coming in on a monthly basis.

Real Estate Appraiser and Internet Marketer
I’m a real estate appraiser, so in addition to providing appraisal services to individuals and banks, I also market internet marketing advice and tips to other appraisers.

Almost every business out there, including home-based businesses, do not know how to market their services to get business online. This fact makes if fairly easy to become a local search expert.

If you know a few things about the Internet, it really doesn’t take too much to become a local search marketer. You could help businesses with building a web site, building an online advertising campaign, handling social marketing and creating the exposure they need.

Just imagine how business competition works. If you have a carpeting business, and you’re showing up at the very top of the page on Google, you’re going to be busy and making a very good income. You’re also going to be able to pick and choose what type of carpet installation jobs you want to do. If you are number 10 on Google you will still be getting some business off the Internet, but it is nothing like the top position. You can really earn money online by helping businesses obtain the #1 position in your area.

When you help someone in your area get the No. 1 position on Google, they will pay you a lot of money. There are a lot of different things like that in internet marketing. Maybe your own business or your current employer’s could use this knowledge? I really love local marketing, so I will be covering the topic in some upcoming shows and interviews, but this is just one small area of making money online.

Create Information Products
You can also create, and market, an information product. I produced a directory of companies that order appraisals from appraisers. When I came up with this idea, I needed appraisal work badly so I started talking with other appraisers, researched on the internet, made lots of phone calls and created my own directory. Appraisers can spend a lot of valuable time searching down this information themselves, or they can buy my information product.

I sell it now for $100.00 a copy. This one information product alone brings me over $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 a month. You can create something like that. There are many different ways to earn money online by creating value. My directory gives tremendous value to appraisers, the proof being that I have not been asked for a single refund in over 5 years of selling the directory online.

Why Watch How to Earn Money?
If you choose to follow my shows, you’re going to learn what’s involved in earning money online. I know how it can be, you need to make money online… NOW, so I’ll also show you quick ways to make money online.

Keep in mind, most of the stuff I will be teaching is for the long term. I’m still bringing in very good affiliate sales on products I’ve been marketing for over 15 years!!! I still smile when every check comes in.

I will take you through, step-by-step, tell you what tools and software will help you make money online quicker. I’m not one of those teachers that will give you a bunch of good information then leave you hanging for more, only to discover that you have to pay an additional $99.95, $499.95 or $9,999.00 to get the rest of the information. This has happened to me before and it’s very discouraging. There are a lot of good people sharing their information for free, and I hope to interview each and every one of them. But, you ask, why do they do it for free?

They can do it for free because there are products and services that you must use to make money online. For example, you need website hosting. I tell people to get their hosting at http://mybluehosting.com because they have the best service and they are very responsive to my needs. If that wasn’t enough, they are also very inexpensive and have very fast servers. When someone follows my affiliate link to them, I get a small commission.

It’s the same with Market Samurai, a product I love and use almost daily. Why waste four hours researching a few keywords when you can do it in twenty minutes with Market Samurai instead? So it’s the same with this product, if you buy it through my affiliate link I get a small commission. It is a win-win situation. You get great hosting and learn how to do keyword research, and I get some money in return to cover my hosting, bandwidth and hopefully put a few bucks in my pocket.

This is how and why we are able to give away all of our information for free. And there are so many niches out there, we won’t step on each others toes and take away each other’s commissions. 100% disclosure. That is what I am about.

You Want to Earn Money Online – Are You Better Than The Rest?

Just Get Started
That’s all it takes. You can get hung up on a domain name. You can get hung up with hosting questions. You don’t know how to build a web site. Where do you start? There are a ton of questions.

I’m going to help you with that. Just get any domain name for now.
You can always change it later – it’s not going to kill you or your web site.

If you have a chance to speak with any successful entrepreneur, they will likely speak of of failures they’ve had along the way. Chances are you’re probably not going to hit it off your first shot either. I did really well on my first shot – extremely well – but when the dot-com bubble burst, so did my internet business.

So, if you are going to fail anyway, it is better to fail fast. The quicker you fail, the quicker you can move on to your next project or product .

The key here is to just get started. You need to get over those little rough stops along the way because it is going to happen no matter what. You are going to want to know when to let go of something that is just not working. You’ll want to know when to start over. You want to focus. I’ve failed many times when I was trying to earn money online, and eventually figured out what works and what doesn’t.

Selling on the Internet – Before the World Wide Web
There are many different strategies for failure and success, so fail fast. I’ve been doing this for a little over 20 years, since the early 90′s. I started selling on Usenet, which came before the World Wide Web (www.). I was selling services and products on Usenet through my college account. I was receiving so many checks by mail, I eventually got an 800 number and a credit card processor.

I’ve been doing this for a long time and if I would have retained more focus and diversified better, I would be a multimillionaire by now. Sure, I have made over a million on the Internet…spread out over the past 20 years. It’s not a great success, but I have made a very good living. I’ve been able to buy multiple houses, new cars, get married, have kids and support my wife working at home– all that good stuff through the power of the internet. It’s been just amazing.

Upcoming Videos on how to earn money online
In the next couple of shows I am going to start with the basics. This will be for the real beginners. It is going to be step-by-step, so I urge you to follow along if you’re watching this on your computer or TV. If you have signed up for my newsletter, what you’ll get when I’m done with a new show is the transcription of the show and multiple videos that you can watch in different formats. This will give you the ability to pause and really follow along. What you should do is follow along and just do it. Do not let the videos pile up.

If you think you have a really good idea and should just skip ahead…don’t. Start with show number one and just follow them through. When you want to earn money online, you might want to rush and skip steps. You really need a complete foundation to follow through.

You’ll get a web site up in no time at all. You’ll start marketing and earning money online. It is really not that difficult, but without all of the information, and following all of the steps, it could be very difficult to get started earning money online. So, in the upcoming episodes I’ll be teaching:

  • How to set up a website (quickly)
  • How to use the proper plug-ins
  • How to find a good host (like BlueHost)
  • How to format your pages and posts
  • How to get back-links

I’m going to cover it all! There’s a lot of information coming forth. In each show I am also going to give you assignments. For example, at the end of the show on website building I am going to tell you to download some basic themes. I’ll also show you other themes that you could use that might be better geared towards your type of business.

There are some really good local business themes out there that are built for mobile (phone), and are optimized for the search engines and local searches – taking advantage of geo data. The “local marketing” area is huge right now. Many are jumping on the bandwagon. I don’t see how a single local business could live without it. It’s just not smart to have a local business without having a local search presence. You could be the o

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Just make sure you do that right now, below! This is your first homework assignment, so get started!

I really can’t wait to share all my experiences with you, please feel free to contact me by commenting below or sending me an email!

Until next time – Just do it!

Bryan Knowtlon